Handsome hunk filled my Ass with Pleasure

I am a travel influencer. I often get paid to visit exotic locations by companies to review their service. Recently, I was coordinating with John from the travel company. He was a fun guy to talk to and he would often make me laugh. I longed to meet John, but he would say, “I will […]

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Explored my Gay fantasies with a social media friend

It was a sunny day in February, and I got that long expecting phone call. It was from a friend I made on social media. I am 23 male and he is 27 years male working as an executive for a software firm. He was in town and was willing to meet me that very […]

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Out of the Closet

Arjun was the star of the school. He excelled in both sports and academics. He was the kind of guy you get to see once in a few batches, handsome, smart, and an intelligent all rounder. Girls would do everything possible to make him look at them just once and when he did, all they […]

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