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Found my soulmate – My story from the college days

I was in the final year of college, last semester to be exact. I was a bit shy and hadn’t had a girlfriend – ever. But that didn’t mean I wasn’t sexually active, I was. I was just too involved in college activities and my studies. I never had the time or desire for commitment, […]

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A night of drunken breakup sex with a female partner

My boyfriend had just broken up with me and I wasn’t feeling good about it. I was low and had all the symptoms that a classic heartbreak could trigger. I was home alone, moping and just staying away from people. I would have bouts of crying and then sometimes just plain dry-eyed sadness. But one […]

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My Fulfilling Night of Sex with an Experienced Escort

At the age of 50, I got divorced from my wife of 30 years. We knew we were two different people but stayed together for our kids. But now all my children were settled and it was time I lived for myself. The downside to not having a partner was sex, of course. Even now […]

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The time I blew my boyfriend in the carnival and he ate me out

Teddy and I were going out to the local carnival in town. This where we got adventurous and I blew my boyfriend while he ate me out. Anyway, I was waiting for him and I was horny so I lifted up my skirt and began fingering myself. I was in the living room when I […]

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Steamy sex with a hot carpenter in my bedroom – Sex Confession

My name is Meghan and I am 28 years old. Five years back I had been involved in a loveless marriage with my then-husband. We had already lost the spark and physical intimacy in our marriage. I often missed feeling the touch of a Man’s body. I used to masturbate often but still; it didn’t […]

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A Night of Pain and Pleasure with a Female Dominatrix

I met Natasha at a sex party when I was trying to explore my sexuality. I was a newbie on the domination scene compared to her and so I was just watching. She was on the sidelines too and our eyes met. She smiled seductively at me beckoning me over. That night she gave me […]

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