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The night I snuck into my boyfriend’s bed and seduced him innocently

I had slept with my boyfriend of one year only once. I was a girl who liked sex, but he was shy or he didn’t know how much I wanted it, I wasn’t sure. But he never tried to get in the sack with me again. I knew he got hard when we made out […]

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Fucked an older woman whole night who was not satisfied with sex

I was always into older women, attracted to milfs. They turned me on and I always had something for them. I mean I felt aroused when I was attracted to a milf. It was rare, almost never, that I felt attracted to another young woman. I was out of college and I just didn’t feel […]

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Cross Border Love and Romance with Natalie

I met Natalie online through a social media platform. She had come up on friend suggestions and I felt this thing…..can’t describe it too well in words. Later I found out that she was my friends’ friend. I added her as a friend and she accepted. We began talking to each other through the chat […]

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Blowjob in the school gym shower to Mr. Jenkins

Mr. Jenkins or Ralph was our very young head of department for English. He strictly wanted us to address him as Mr. Jenkins only. Even the staff and his colleagues addressed him as that. In class he was disciplined and would be very serious while teaching. But underneath, I mean literally under his clothes he […]

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Affair with my hot boss in his cabin

I had recently shifted to another city and had started working as a personal secretary for the boss of a prominent HR company. My job involved staying with my boss for almost 12 hours as we shared working space. My boss was in his early 30s and widely known as a bachelor who didn’t show […]

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Getting Frisky and having Sex on a Road Trip – Sex Confession

I read many adult confessions on this website and thought to write my own. I had never been on a road trip and my boyfriend at that time loved it. We planned one and had sex on a road trip. I preferred luxury so we arranged it in a way that I was comfortable. He […]

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Does the Desire for Sex in Men Decrease after Forties

desire for sex in men

Sex is a natural desire in men and women who are healthy, robust, and beautiful. At the threshold of puberty, a teenager starts feeling the push of testosterone hormone, and he starts holding his balls, without any knowledge. Sex is a natural act and men and women do indulge in it passionately. The kissing, touching […]

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