Recent Erotica Stories

Dolores found love after her husband passed away

The initial months after Roger died, it was hard on Dolores. They have been together for almost twenty years. Dolores had the perfect marriage- a loving husband, two beautiful kids who are now established in their own merit. But her world turned upside down with Roger’s sudden heart attack. While everyone consoled her for her […]

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Secret side of the personal secretary and the boss

When it comes to new joiners, James is extremely cautious about it. After all, the CEO prefers to look into these things personally and as the HR, it will come down to him if the new employees are not exactly the way his boss wants. Lately, James often wonders what is the point of this […]

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Holey brought about the perfect romantic cure to my depression

I am Henry- an established businessman in Chicago. Crossing over to the wrong side of forty, my life so far has been all about my career. Needless to say, I never got the time to start a family or get romantically involved. To anyone witnessing my rise through the world of entrepreneur, my life looks […]

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Sofia helped me realise my sexuality

Hi I am Maria- a thirty year old divorcee coming to New York in search of a better life. After three years of marriage, we decided to call it off for the weirdest possible reason. My husband felt I am too unresponsive in bed and eventually cheated on me for that. Honestly, I was not […]

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The day when my best friend turned boyfriend

Kyle and I have been best buds since our primary school days. We have been together in everything since we were kids. It has been 14 years we played, studied and discussed everything going on in our life. We parted ways when we went to separate colleges. I am Andy, 22-year-old, in my freshman year. […]

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Third time lucky with a stranger

This has been the third date in one week that my aunt set up for me. I was bored to hell, thinking of my poor aunt’s distress for my lack of interest in males I came to this date set up by her to satisfy her demand. But it will never work out with any […]

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