The Revenge Affair

It has been 16 years since I married Mike. Our marriage is perfect to the world, but behind the closed door we know it’s a sham. Things went downhill when I found out about his affair 6 years back. From breakdowns to physical fights and then the ultimate numbness- I have felt it all. We […]

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The Affair with the Latina Beauty Made Lockdown Period Sensual

This is my story of the time I had with Lara – a Columbian student who was living in my city. This story is different as it started during the pandemic and is still ongoing, but on a much more personal level. I had been single for a while and as the pandemic struck, I […]

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Hot Neighbour

Matthew, my super-hot neighbour was stopping for dinner. He loved my cooking and would often stop by to try my treats. The bell rings. I open it and see him standing there. Curls covering his forehead, tattoos on his arms, giving me a beaming smile. My heart stops. Just looking at him makes my stomach […]

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