The Revenge Affair

It has been 16 years since I married Mike. Our marriage is perfect to the world, but behind the closed door we know it’s a sham. Things went downhill when I found out about his affair 6 years back. From breakdowns to physical fights and then the ultimate numbness- I have felt it all. We kept up act of being married for the sake of our families. It was hell for me till I met Tyler. We stumbled upon each other at Walmart and soon found out we were practically neighbors living across the street. It didn’t take Mike long to notice I was being radiant again, going out and living my life. I didn’t bother to hide I was having an extramarital affair. He was in no position to question me. But he was having a hard time accepting it nevertheless and hence staying out a lot more. This is the story of one such day that finally changed our lives for good and I had a revenge affair.

Knowing Mike won’t be home anytime soon, I had invited Tyler over. Tyler was a couple of years younger, a complete hunk and a beast in bed. What we shared was purely hormonal. Needless to say, the moment he crossed the threshold, he couldn’t wait to close the door but grabbed my waist to pull me closer and kiss. His hands were ravaging my boobs in seconds and we could barely close the door before he laughed and hauled me on his shoulder and whirled to the bedroom while stating, “I will make the most of your master bedroom, Jessica.”

I was reeling from his kiss and could barely breathe as he put me down on the bed. I panted, “This is my husband’s room, Tyler.”

“So what? It is your room too and are you sure that cuckold didn’t bring his mistress here?” The truth was he did, but I still somehow felt it was the ultimate wrong that I could be doing to Mike. Tyler sensed my hesitation and kneeled beside the bed and held my gaze with his smoldering eyes.

“Oh, Jess! You wanted revenge on him for betraying you, didn’t you? What could be a more fitting revenge than this? He deserves it and you deserve a revenge affair.” He kissed me tenderly after this and moved down to my collarbone caressing me all the while. I knew I was going to give in now and it didn’t feel so wrong anymore.

He slowly laid me down on the bed and started unbuttoning the translucent shirt I had on, revealing the lacy black bra I had wore in his honor. His hungry expression was a turn on and he soon pushed out my boobs and started suckling on the nipples. He bit the nipples and looked me in the eye as he sucked and nipped repeatedly. I grabbed his face and pulled him over me to kiss him once more. We rolled over and I was on top of him now. I didn’t waste any time and went down quickly to suck his cock. He was hard already and as I sucked him; I could taste the tanginess of his precum on my lips. I smacked my lips and smiled and looked at him. His eyes were wide with longing and his expression said it all about how he was losing control.

I slowly moved up and pulled off his t-shirt to lick and suck his nipples while is grabbed my ass with both his hands and kneaded them. He was slowly pulling me up in a position right above his dick. I realized what he was up to but before I could react, he has shoved his dick deep in my vagina and I felt a blissful moan escape my mouth. My back arched and head titled back and he kept thrusting. He picked up speed and squeezed my boobs as he did so. I was putting my hands on his chest for support and felt my finger nails dig into his skin in my excitement. He was too turned on to care. He slowed down and suddenly rolled me over to put me on all fours, facing the mirror at the foot of the bed.

Then he took me from behind. He grabbed my hair and twisted it around his wrist and with his other hand held my shoulder. I could feel his dick digging deep in my pussy and repeatedly assaulting my G-spot. I could feel the tension building up in my stomach and could be hold back any longer. The orgasm was massive and ripped out of my body with a full force. I watched myself and him in the mirror as we moved in sync panting and moaning. He kept pumping in and out without stopping even after I came. He soon came as he moaned my name and slumped over my back. We stayed in that position for a while and I felt cum dripping down my thighs and pussy- so warm and wet. I didn’t expect this kind of orgasm with a stranger but it seems the revenge affair did its game.

He left soon after that and I was back to my daily chores while remembering with a shiver of thrill how his dick felt inside and his erotic moves. It is true, the forbidden fruit is the sweetest for I never felt this ecstasy in my marriage. My husband was soon back. As I opened the door for him, I saw his expression change from disinterest to shock. His eyes shot from my face to my neck. I realized he was looking at the spot where Tyler bit a little too hard. I must have got a hickey. He gulped once but said nothing as he walked in and went straight for our bedroom.

It was already tidied up and I peeked from the door to see he was about to lie down on the very spot where we came together. I went back to the kitchen saying nothing as a triumphant smile spread on my lips on its own. I must thank Tyler for the idea the next time we meet to continue our revenge affair.

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