Interview that turned into erotic lesbian sex

I recently got hired by a notable newspaper after interning with them for 3 months. My first assignment was interviewing a notable writer. She has recently gained prominence for her teen fantasy novels. I was more of a classic-person. The more I did some background research on the genre, her books and writing style, the more I started losing interest. I was already getting a biased stereotypical image of the celebrity and losing interest with my assignment. But, I was unaware that she is also into erotic lesbian sex.

Nevertheless, I arrived at her home on the schedule date and time. It was a quaint secluded home in the outskirts of the city. As I rang the doorbell, a very curvy and beautiful woman came and opened the door. She was dressed casually in a pair of shorts and a tank tee.

“Is this Miss Shirley’s home?” I tried to pull off the most professional tone that I could muster.

The woman had a tinkering laugh as she replied, “You are the interviewer kid? You can call me Shirley. Come in.” My jaws dropped. In my head, I had the image of a pervert middle-aged lady, probably divorced and without any sexual life. Shirley looked entirely the opposite. I went inside and we sat comfortably for the interview. After 10 minutes, I asked her what inspired her stories. She gave a cryptic smile and replied, “Off the record-Real life experiences.”

Something about her smile said she didn’t bluff. But that implies she is a lesbian. This was definitely a new thing. No records on her says about her sexual orientation. But more than that, another thought crept my mind on her reply. I am bisexual and I had been finding the women incredibly hot. It has been a while I had a lesbian encounter. My imagination was getting the better off me and exploring the possibilities of this empty house and an erotic lesbian sex with her.

She seemed to read my mind.

“I have been wondering what has been making you blush since you started the interview. I have that kind of reaction from men but its rare to find a woman reacting this way to me.”

I couldn’t believe she was actually being so bold when I was a complete stranger and this was her interview.

She assessed my expression and smiled again. “What do you think about making a story now?” and with that so moved forward and planted a kiss on my lips. I was still speechless. “You are too young for a journalist but you are hot. I had been looking forward to welcome you today since I was informed about the interview. I did some background check too.”

I was still dizzy from her kiss and I moved forward in a trance to kiss her back. My notepad and pen had slid off my lap on the floor but neither of us cared anymore as well touched each other’s body as we kissed. She was not wearing a bra underneath and I could feel the softness of her round melons rubbing on my body. She had pushed me backwards to lie down on the sofa and climbed on top of me. Slowly she unbuttoned my shirt and my red-bra clad 36D boobs popped out. Her eyes widened in appreciation as she assessed the shape and size of my boobs. Then she pulled out my breasts from the bra and started sucking on both of them. She sucked hard and bit occasionally. I moved my hand towards her boobs and squeezed them.

She let out a moan throwing back her head and said, “Let’s play.”

She hopped off the sofa and was gone to the next room. I lied down wondering at the bizarreness of the situation. She was back in a few minutes wearing a strap-on. I have only seen those things in a porn and was bit alarmed by the size but turned on too. The dick was thick and almost 8 inches long. She was massaging the attached dildo with lube by the look of it.

“Hold still.” She commanded and then slowly positioned the dildo at my vagina and thrusted lightly. It was a soft material- it felt nothing different from a condom-clad human dick. She looked much more tempting and attractive than any man I have every dated and the strap-on was an added bonus. Soon she had thrusted the entire length of it inside me and was moving in and out. She unclenched her palms to show a small egg-size vibrator. She turned it on and held it to my clitoris as she kept thrusting in and out. I reached up to her boobs and pressed them hard. They were so soft. She lowered her body slightly and I could suck her boobs. Her boobs were perky and firm and yet no less than 36B. I slapped her butt cheeks while suckling on her boobs as she kept thrusting the strap-on inside me while holding the vibrator on my clitoris.

The orgasm was sudden and immense. I moaned out loud and arched my back. She Pushed in harder still and kept the entire length of the dildo inside me while I orgasmed. When I slumped back down, she withdrew. It was a wonderful feeling so far and we continued enjoying the erotic lesbian sex.

“My turn, slutty.”

She laid back on the other end of the sofa taking of the strap-on and spreading her legs. Her pussy look pink and puffy and it was inviting me. I moved in between her legs and started licking her clit. She grabbed my head and held it in place while I licked. Soon she was orgasming and squirting. I tried to pull away by she held me in place and I was drenched in her orgasm juices. You get this kind of orgasm only during erotic sex experience like this.

We dressed in silence and I was not even sure what to do about the assignment. She plopped herself on the sofa like nothing happened and looked up at me.

“Aren’t you going to finish the interview?”

“Huh?” That is all I could muster.

Smiling her crookedly sexy smile she replied, “I guess now know have an explanation of my inspiration. I would love to see how you write it though.”

I will write about our amazing erotic lesbian sex experience and its an assignment.

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