Losing my virginity to the next-door goth

I am Mike, 28 and quite attractive. But somehow that never worked in my favour so far and I am still a virgin. While my friends hype about the score from last weekend, I am the awkward guy shaking his head and smiling in the background. Sometimes I came up with stories of female encounters but imagination can only take you so far including one of my stories about losing my virginity.

Now at 28, I was getting desperate. Maybe I had been picky or maybe because I am nerdy, I never have much luck with any woman. Right now, I was so desperate that I would have sex with anybody. Things got worse because of my goth neighbour. I could see her bedroom from my room’s window and it was for her to return home alone. Perhaps it was a weird fetish but she never bothered closing the blinds as she had sex or maybe she didn’t even notice me.

I was too shy to tell any of my friends about the problem but now I was so desperate, I blurted about it to Hugh. I expected many reactions but he was surprisingly understanding. Seeing my situation, he suggested me to get a sex doll for the time being. I ordered one from the website he mention that day itself. When it came, I could not contain my excitement to check it out. I took the package to my bedroom and opened it to find the most realistic sex doll possible. I really didn’t care about losing my virginity to the doll or anything for that matter and started making out with it. In my excitement, I had forgot to close the window or even the curtains. I was fucking the doll, holding it against the wall when I saw the goth neighbour smiling at me. She was alone today. When our eyes met, her grin grew wider and she signalled me to go over. I was embarrassed and scared. Was she going to tattle around the neighbourhood about my fetish? We never even spoke- why was she asking me to go over?

I went anyway just to find out what she really thought. The door opened even before I rang the bell. This was the first time I was seeing her up-close. Beneath the loud makeup, I must admit she had a gorgeous body. Her eyes were light and sparkling blue. I followed her into the house and saw her casually dropping her jacket as she walked ahead of me.

“I am kind of lonely today and from what I saw- you are beyond lonely. You need some serious help mate. So, what do you think of we helping each other?”

“Huh?” That’s all I could muster.

She laughed out loud. “I can see what’s the difficulty dude. I was asking- would you like to have some real sex tonight?”

I gulped and mumbled barely audible words. I meant to say I was a virgin. I was sure she didn’t catch my words but she made out what I meant. She smiled again and came up to me. She was so close I could count her eyelashes. I never had a girl standing so close to me. She kissed full-on my lips. I could taste the vanilla of her lipstick. Then suddenly I felt a sleek material being looped around my neck. I was startled. I opened my eyes to see she was holding the end of a satin scarf and manoeuvring me to the staircases. I followed her like a puppy. My hard dick was pressing painfully against my pants.

I was in her room now and she wasted no time to take off my shirt and her own clothes. She was tattooed all over and not exactly the type of girl I imagined to be with. But hey! I was finally getting laid so who cares! She was experienced and dominating. She pushed me on the bed on my back and started kissing my chest and neck. She would occasionally bite my earlobe and then quickly moved down to my dick. Everything felt so new but nothing felt quiet like the pleasure I experienced next. She was sucking my dick hard and it was sending electric jolts throughout my body. I could feel I would end up cumming too soon. She seemed to understand it too and stopped right when I was in the brink of it. I was feeling a bit frustrated but as she prepared to squat, I realized what she was up to and could barely contain my excitement. I grabbed and squeezed her boobs. They felt so soft and delicate and nothing like anything I have touched before. Not even during losing my virginity to the doll.

She slowly positioned my dick right and then started squatting on it. If blowjob felt good, this was the zenith of it. It flesh-on-flesh was a surreal experience. She was slowly moving up and down and massaging the dick with her vagina. We had barely exchanged much words and it was all about the sex. I could feel myself getting ready to orgasm again. But every time that happened, she would stop till I got a grip. It was getting really frustrating for me. When she did this the third time, I decided to take control. I grabbed her arms tightly and flipped her over so that she was pinned under me. Her eyes were wide with surprise. I pushed in my dick and started pounding hard. She pushed a bit against my arms to stop me but this time I was not going to take things slow. I kept pounding till I felt the rush of heat and orgasmed hard inside her vagina.

I rolled off her and laid on my back marvelling at the moment we had together just now. All I could think of is losing my virginity finally. I looked at her and she seemed angry. I guess she hates losing control. But now that I felt some real sex there was no stopping for me. I smiled and got dressed thinking of having another go at my doll at home.

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