Met my boyfriend after three months and had wild sex

I had imagined the scene numerous times now. Since Akash had texted me that he was coming to my city for an official trip, I had started planning about how I was going to spend that day with him. Akash is my boyfriend for the past three years. We met in college from where we took our degrees together. He had to move away for further studies and I stayed back. I will be meeting him after three months. I miss his presence, his body and wild sex. I was on the way to a pub to meet my bf. We had planned to meet there, have some drinks together and then spend the rest of the night at the hotel. He was supposed to leave the very next day. I was wearing a body con dress that showed off my curves very well. I just never wanted him to lose his interest in me, considering the long distance relationship.

I reached the pub and the moment I stepped out of the cab I was nearly knocked out of breath. Akash hugged me from behind and I recognize the perfume very well. His arms wrapped around my body giving me a tight hug. “I missed you” I whisper and he replied “I missed you even more” and winked. We walked together inside the pub. I could feel my face heat up, thanks to the dim lighting of the pub no one would notice. We ordered drinks and started talking about the things we had missed on. He looked extremely hot in his black denim and a casual t-shirt. After meeting my bf I was becoming kinky. He was also gazing me with superb excitement and its understood because we haven’t touched each other for three months. I did not want to let him know how horny I was at that moment.

“Do you want to get dinner somewhere? I asked” “No you would be enough!” He replied. It wasn’t a flirty funny tone and he seemed really serious to get me to the bed as fast as possible to have wild sex. “Let’s get going then!” he says, we gulped down our drinks and took a cab for the hotel. His sweet gestures like keeping his hand around my shoulder makes me very comforting. While on the back seat, he was also trying to touch my breasts and pressing them slowly. We looked at each other, and then a fire erupted. We started kissing real hard without thinking where were we. We started making out in the cab. While kissing, he was pressing my breasts and my hands went to touch his penis. He pushed one hand inside my top to press my breasts and I just massaged his penis from above the jeans.

We finally reached the hotel and went straight to the room. I could see the hunger in his eyes and so did I needed him that badly. He locked the door and lifted me off my feet placing me on the table. I wrapped my legs tightly around his waist,  pressing my body against his hard penis. I still wanted my favorite thing, the foreplay. He started kissing my neck and started moving towards my breasts. Now he was pressing my boobs and I was touching his rock hard penis from above the pants. He took off my top exposing my juicy tits. He buried his head in my chest and then he started sucking them very hard. He even bit my nipples in between.

I got down from the table and I took of his jeans. I know that my bf loves blowjob and so did my mouth went towards his huge penis. I sucked the tip of the penis and then took it completely inside. I rubbed my lips to give him friction during the blowjob. After a while, he threw me on the bed and placed me upside, showing my ass. I heard him tearing my net stockings, “You have a sexy ass baby” he said. He was spanking my ass and I loved it. He spat on my pussy spreading it with his fingers. My hips moved up and down as he moved his fingers around my pussy wall. He gave a tight slap hitting my erected clitoris making me jerk back.

He went down on me and started licking my vagina. His tongue moved outside and inside so nicely. I was moaning heavily and begged him to fuck me. After licking for a some more time he got up and started rubbing his penis outside the vagina. He rubbed it for a while to tease me and I shouted, “Fuck meeee”. He pushed the tip of the penis and I felt a bit of pain. It has been three months of gap already been fucked. Then he pushed his complete length inside me and started giving thrusts. I held his back while he fucked me. I felt immense pleasure when he was fucking me and I kept moaning. His thighs kept smashing against my ass cheeks during the wild sex. Then he took me above him to give him a ride.

I sat on his penis and started riding him while he pressed my boobs. I kept moving up and down for very long. I could feel myself reaching a state of orgasm. “Oh God I am gonna cum” Akash said. Even I was about to reach orgasm. We both came together with the sheets filled with both of our cum. He looked exhausted. “Are you okay?” I asked him smiling. I noticed that it was already 2 hours that we had reached the hotel and the first session was so long. “When do you have to leave tomorrow?” I asked.. “We can worry about that later,” he replied, changing the topic. He pulled me back for another passionate kiss and we had similar wild sex two more times that night.

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