I seduced my best friend’s boyfriend

My best friend Lisa was the closest person to me on earth, that is, till she got into a relationship. She was too busy in her relationship and didn’t have much time for her friends. I only realized why when I met her boyfriend. Jason was the epitome of male perfection. He was 6ft. tall, blond and blue eyes, and smiling. He looked like he adored Lisa. Though I was happy for her, I couldn’t help but fill a pang of jealousy. Being single is hard and with your best friend looking like she is having the time of her life, it just gets harder. I seduced her boy friend and wanted to confess it, really.

Once she introduced us, she confessed she has recently moved in with him and she would be happy if I would visit often to hangout with both of them. Jason was a gentleman when he graciously joined in with her to persuade me about the idea. Soon enough, I was spending most of my weekends with them. Lisa had dance classes and tours at time but she was at ease if I was visiting in her absence and spending time with him. This was one such Sunday. Lisa was on a tour for 3 days and I only got to know when I reached her place.

He was shirtless and in a short when he opened the front door. It was obvious he was not expecting me either. But it took him seconds to pull himself together and invite me inside. I realized he was washing the car in the backyard when I came in. He asked me to help myself to whatever there was in the fridge while he will just wrap up the work at hand. I took a beer from the fridge and went over to the porch to watch him work. His glistening body was inviting and I decided to let go and act by my instinct. I crossed the lawn and hugged him from behind, squishing my boobs over his back. He was taken aback and froze on the spot. But what surprised me was the throaty laugh that escaped him in a few minutes.

“So, this is how it’s going to be, you and me? Have you thought this through, about Lisa I mean?” there was a hint of mischief which I was not expecting. Ridicule, chiding, disappointment- I was ready for all this but not the encouragement. He had been keeping up the perfect boyfriend so well this long.

“I haven’t thought much of it and right now, I don’t want to. I just want you, Jason. “I chimed and let go of him. As he turned around, I slowly pulled off my t-shirt and then got close to embrace him and kiss. He was hesitant at first but then, his kiss got passionate and he lifted me off the ground, wrapped my leg around him, and walked into the house while holding me in that position for the entire time.

We were passionate to say the least. We kissed and clawed through each other’s hair and toppled a couple of chairs on the way to the living room divan. That was the closest place. He wasted no time to rip off my bra and bit hard on one of my boobs. I moaned out loud. I could tell he was holding back a lot with Lisa and now letting it all go. The poised and calm demeanor was gone and the bad boy vibes were getting revealed.

I pulled off his shorts and then tried to grab his boner but he held by hands above my head and moved up on my chest. He placed his dick between my boobs and grabbed them together to fuck my boobs instead. He looked wild as if his fantasies were coming true at last. He grabbed the back of my head so that every time he thrust his dick between my boobs, I can suck on the tip of his penis. I never experienced these things before and it was overwhelming.

“I knew from the first day you are one dirty little bitch. Oh, I waited so long for you to make the move! You really shouldn’t have kept me waiting this long.” As he said this, my eyes widened as I realized, he has been planning this for a while. I seduced him first or otherwise, someday he would have tried it.

He fucked my boobs some more and I was already choking on his dick. Suddenly he was off me and I tried to sit up. But he held me down and now was positioning himself between my legs. “Stop wiggling. You are going to love this.” He looked at my eyes and smiled.

He had already pulled off my short skirt along with the panty and now licked my pussy hard. I moaned out loudly as the feeling was so illusive to me for so long. My kept licking my pussy swiftly and brought me to the brink of orgasming. Then he was off. I was getting really frustrated with his teasing when he shoved his dick deep in me in seconds. It hit hard and he was thick. I could feel the orgasm building again in minutes. He thrusted fast and deep without a care of hurting me. He had let go to his instincts completely and was ravaging my body it he owned it. And I was loving the assault.

I could not believe I seduced a hot guy who was this good in bed. A tinge of guilty was lurking in my mind as Lisa’s face hovered in front of me but the reverie was broken by his loud moans. He was almost there and about to cum and watching him so turned on I couldn’t hold back anymore. We cum hard together. I don’t know how long we lay still but the next few minutes were awkward as we dressed and I walked out quickly from the house.

It has been 2 months since that day. Jason still goes out with Lisa like nothing happened. I do feel guilty still and hence decided to write my sex confession here. Maybe someday I can muster the courage to narrate all this to Lisa too.

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