I seduced my best friend’s boyfriend

My best friend Lisa was the closest person to me on earth, that is, till she got into a relationship. She was too busy in her relationship and didn’t have much time for her friends. I only realized why when I met her boyfriend. Jason was the epitome of male perfection. He was 6ft. tall, […]

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Confession of a Good husband – Sex Confession-2

The season of Autumn is known to mark the transition of lazy summer days in to beautiful dark cold nights. Such was the Autumn of 2010, when I met my high school sweet heart after a good 15 years and that brings the Confession of a Good husband with you. It was the evening of September […]

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Sex in the classroom and got caught- Sex Confession-1

College life can be a little boring sometimes, especially if you’re a virgin. I’m Izaiah, 21 years old guy and college is really stressful when it’s filled with beautiful women walking up and down the corridor flaunting their figures. Maths class has always been my favourite; I always stood first, which brings me to the […]

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