Sex in the classroom and got caught- Sex Confession-1

College life can be a little boring sometimes, especially if you’re a virgin. I’m Izaiah, 21 years old guy and college is really stressful when it’s filled with beautiful women walking up and down the corridor flaunting their figures. Maths class has always been my favourite; I always stood first, which brings me to the woman of my story, Rebecca. She drove every guy crazy and gave every dude a bulge in his pants by just walking past them. Here is my confession of sex in the classroom and how I got caught in the act.

She was a beautiful girl, a little around 5’4, long black hair, and voluptuous curves to die for! I noticed she had some problems catching up with Calculus, she’d always come to me to ask the silliest of doubts but I’d always help her. The mid-term’s were getting closer and I was focused to ace this too, I felt a sudden tug on my arm, it was Rebecca! She asked me if I could help her prepare for the maths mid-term, I saw this as an opportunity for me to revise, so I said yes and we decided to stay back after college and study in college for a couple of days. Soon enough, I heard the bell ring, as I opened the door of the empty classroom, there she stood in a black jacket, and a blue shorts, ah! The urge to tear her clothes off her milky skin and devour her took over me, but I contained myself and sat next to her to study.

As we began studying, she took off her black jacket and underneath it was a very revealing white crop top, coincidentally the classroom was very cold so I could see her hard nipples trying to break free. “No, your exams are almost here, get a grip of yourself man” I told myself, and started teaching her. Ten minutes into it, I felt her hand slide up my thigh, being a virgin I thought this was casual for people to do, so I just went along with it and continued teaching her. Suddenly, she got up and locked the door and walked toward me, she bent over and placed her hand on my cock and whispered, “Teacher I’m scared I’ll fail, is there any other way I can get a better grade, I’m a bad, bad student”, hearing her say that I got chills, I was in shock and couldn’t say anything, but that didn’t stop her, she took her top off and stared at my cock get bigger from just looking at her. I couldn’t just stare, so I got up and pushed her against the wall and started kissing her vigorously, I could feel her breasts against my chest so I pulled her closer and kissed her harder. I did not expect until now that one day I will have sex in the classroom and lose my virginity. What a luck!

She didn’t hold back either, she slid her hands into my pants and started rubbing my cock from over my pants, this gave me a little confidence, I grabbed her ass and started biting and licking her neck, she let out a soft seductive moan into my ear which drove me out of my senses. I swept my books off the table and placed her on it, she grabbed my shaft and as she played with it she placed her thumb over the head of my cock while simultaneously rubbing my cock, this only made me go wild, so I moved my head down and started nibbling on her tits while grabbing her tits, I slowly placed my hand over her crotch and started feeling her up, she was so wet I could feel it over her shorts, my hand crawled up inside her pants and near her pussy, I took my time with her, I teased her as my finger ran around her pussy slowly in circles, I stopped kissing her to hear her beg me to finger her, her heavy breathing was mixed with moans, “Sir I’ve been really bad, treat me like a bad student, I’ll take the punishment, sir please!” She cried out, I was surprised she didn’t break character, this motivated me even more, and I inserted one finger and then the second, and watched her moans get louder.

I kissed her hard to hide the moans so nobody would her, I kept fingering her harder, and put another finger in her mouth to suck on, soon enough she came and her cum were all over my fingers, I  got her blindfolded and made her suck her cum from my fingers. Soon, I had her on her knees and placed my cock in her mouth, before she began sucking on it, I grabbed her hair and pushed my shaft in her mouth and started face fucking her, she started gagging on my long cock, so I slowed down and let her play with my cock as her tongue wrapped around it, there I was, a maths geek getting his cock sucked by the hottest student in college, needless to say, I was in heaven.

Soon, I got her up and had her on the table, she was still gasping for air after I had face fucked her, I let her be on the table with her round ass in the air just waiting for me, I stood and watched her crave me, “Fuck me ugh I’m begging you, I want you inside me”, I took grabbed her ass and whispered “it’s time I teach you how it’s done” and ran my cock over her pussy to tease her while all she could do was beg for me to fuck her. Though I was a naive but I had been watching a lot of sex movies and got to have sex in the classroom. I started thrusting her, harder and deeper with every thrust, she couldn’t stop moaning and at this point I wasn’t concerned about people hearing her, feeling her wet pussy against my cock made me ecstatic, her ass cheek clapping against my rod drove me wild. She shouted, forget that we are having sex in the classroom, just keep doing it.

She screamed “Ah fuck me harder, is that all you got, come on harder baby!” Those were the only words I needed to hear, I got her on top of me and grabbed her ass and started fucking her and drilled her all the way with my cock, “God, you are a terrible student with a great pussy!” I moaned, she was losing her breathe with every shove, her moans got louder, “Cum inside me, cum for me, don’t stop, I’m there! I’m cumming! I’m cumming!” She shouted her lungs off as I grabbed her by her neck and started fucking her harder while fingering her ass, soon enough I felt her pussy contract around my cock and I pulled her close as she orgasmed, I knew I was about to cum, so I thrusted into her one last time and spill inside her, she lay on the teachers table, exhausted with cum flowing out of her onto her thighs, barely breathing, so I got on top of her and had her suck my cock clean and face fucked her till I heard her gag. We were exhausted but it seem like she wanted more, after 10 minutes of just silence she kissed me sensually and wanted to get into round 2, little did we know our science teacher – David had been watching us from the glass above the door this whole time. He warned us for our mistake but we apologised and the matter did not go to the principal. Luckily we got saved. But, sex in the classroom will always remain in my memories!

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