Romance and sex with an office colleague – II

This is the second part of my story- Romance with an office colleague during his notice period

Initially, I did not had any intention to have anything beyond a professional relationship with Ron and there were no plans to have sex with an office colleague at all as it risks professional career. However, slowly we started interacting and came close. And there I was, at his place, crossing all my limits. In that moment, he appeared to me as that well full of water from which I can pour some lust and love into my body. His touch, his flesh, his passionate kisses were making me feel like the queen of hotness and beauty, the one who is shamelessly surrendering in front of her king. His kisses went from my upper back to my lower back and then he touched my waist and asked me to bend down. I obeyed. He moved his fingers from my waist to my butt area and pulled down my pants along with my red lace underwear.

Now, I was in front of him in my most vulnerable state, naked! He pressed my big-round butts with his rough, pale hands and gave me a spank. I got a jerk. He then started kissing me on the arch of my spine and went all the way through my butt hole. He spread my butt with his hands and I felt his warm tongue on my asshole. He was licking it with passion and I was biting my lips, controlling my moan. He then asked to sit on his legs, facing him. I did so. As I placed my butts on his thighs and positioned myself in front of him, I saw his eyes getting wide. He looked like a child who just got his favourite toy and for him, it was my boobs. He touched them gently and then looked at me with a smile. My medium-sized, milky white boobs with pink nipples were fascinating him.

He started licking one boob and squeezing the other. He slowly took my nipple in his mouth and caressed it with my teeth. Meanwhile, his palm was pressing the other one like a pressure ball. I was moaning loudly. Then, he asked me to move from him. I got up. He got up with me and grabbed me from my waist, kissed me hard, held me a little high and like a hungry lion that is ready to eat his prey, he dropped me on the sofa. I understood what is going on in his mind. I looked straight in his eyes while he was busy removing his clothes and when he was done, I did spread my legs, giving him an open invitation inside my hole. He came in between my legs and rubbed his crotch against mine. My pussy was clean and smooth. He could sense, it was wet. He said he never thought he would also end up having sex with an office colleague but our rapport was too good to carry on to the bed.

He then went down and gave me a kiss on the lips of my pussy and started licking it. I was on the epitome of arousal! I started playing with my boobs with one hand and pushed him deep inside my hole with the other. After a while, I pulled him by his hair, made him stood up, pulled him on the sofa, made him lie on his back and went down to have a look of his cock. His 6-inch erected cock stood out straight, giving my hot body a salute. I licked the tip of his dick and then took it deep in my mouth and tried to give him the best blowjob of his life while playing with his balls like a naughty little girl. He got all tensed and pulled his cock out of my mouth and asked me to ride him in a cowgirl position. I obeyed and sat on top of him with the support of the sofa and pushed his cock inside my pussy.

For a while, he allowed me to do the two-and-fro movement but when the beast inside him got out of control, he grabbed my waist and started fucking me deep and fast for a good ten minutes in that position only. He then asked me to get up. He made me stand on my knees and hands on the sofa and stood behind me, ready to fuck my vagina and mind out in doggy style. He was fast and rough and my bouncing boobs and loud moans proved it. Soon, we both reached orgasm. That evening, I decided to stay at his place. We slept nude by hugging each other and then when we woke up, we took a bath together and had one more round of intense banging under the shower. That was one of the best sex with an office colleague and we are still in touch.

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