Got a chance to fuck the busty intern who looked like a Latina Porn star

I ran a startup dealing with e-commerce and had hired some interns for a few months. Rosie was one of them and there was something so sexy about her. Even though she dressed properly and covered her body, her gaze was smoldering. Long legs and a generous bosom with blonde hair, she was like a […]

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Romance and sex with an office colleague – II

This is the second part of my story- Romance with an office colleague during his notice period Initially, I did not had any intention to have anything beyond a professional relationship with Ron and there were no plans to have sex with an office colleague at all as it risks professional career. However, slowly we […]

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The One Night Stand – 2

This is the second part of the story The One Night Stand. He couldn’t take his eyes off her. She looked so lost and so appealing. That one night of the Goa vacation was itched in his mind. He couldn’t think about anyone but that mysterious hot woman. He wanted to find her but couldn’t […]

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