The One Night Stand – 2

This is the second part of the story The One Night Stand.

He couldn’t take his eyes off her. She looked so lost and so appealing. That one night of the Goa vacation was itched in his mind. He couldn’t think about anyone but that mysterious hot woman. He wanted to find her but couldn’t even recognise her even if she was standing in front of him. He had been cursing himself for being such a fool, just a name which could be wrong and that she worked in some small IT company somewhere.

But this girl had his attention ever since he set his eyes on her. And now he couldn’t stop staring at her and wondering how her skin will feel under his fingers. He looked at her lips, so full and kissable. He wanted to suck them in and nibble them until they are swollen. He wanted to taste the skin of her neck, tease her earlobes and make her moan. He wanted to trace his fingers over her soft mounds and see if her buds respond to his touch.

Abhay’s eyes travelled all over her body. He couldn’t help it. Her eyes were shining like a jewel. Right now he was desperate to nibble on her buds and touch her breasts that looked so inviting to him. He so wants to hear her moan with pleasure. He can imagine her naked in his bed on his satin white sheet. Her bronze skin was glowing against it. Her back arched, making pleasurable sounds while he sucks on her buds and plays with it.

It was making him hard. His arousal was evident and painful. He escaped to the washroom for the release. He unzipped himself, closed his eyes and went back to the imagination where she was moaning on his bed with the
hot woman he is looking for. Her legs spread for him to invade her tiny erogenous clitoris.

As he shook his hardness, he wondered how she must taste. He imagined pushing himself inside her, feeling her hot and moist arousal. He remembered how his mysterious girl was a virgin and wondered if this one was like that.

He imagined his manhood slipping inside her an inch at a time. He could feel the heat. And then he started to rock himself slowly. Her nails scratching his back, her legs locked around him, making him dive deeper. He can hear her murmuring his name time and over again. He wondered if her voice would be as velvety as her skin looks. He dived in deeper and moved faster. He was closer to the edge, he could feel it and then he was done with a loud groan.

He had never been spent so hard. There was something about this girl that made his body react differently. He washed up and went outside. And as he was crossing the workstations, he was taken aback by one of the pictures pinned on one of the desks. Three girls were smiling broadly with their masks in their hands. It was the same club and the girl he just masturbated thinking about had the same mask in her hands he had been so insanely looking for.

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