Awaiting weekends to meet you

Kelly and Luke had been dating for a year now and they were meeting tonight to spend the weekend at his house. She heard Luke’s truck come to a stop outside her apartment and the doorbell rang. She looked at herself one last time in the mirror, cleavage check, short skirt check and no panties double check. The bell rings again and she opens it to find Luke leaning against the door. May be a sweaty sex again?

“Hey baby,” he says with a hot smirk. She squeals with joy and jumps in his arms. Her mouth finds his and they get lost in a deep kiss. Breathless she slides down him and sees him looking at her with hunger. “Let’s get going before I jump on you here. You look so hot,” he grabs her for a kiss again. His tongue is making slow love to her. He finally lets her go and they head out in his truck. I was sure he was planning for a hot sweaty sex.

The drive was 40 minutes long and Kelly was vibrating with excitement. She looked over at Luke. Strong hands gripping the steering wheel, chiseled jaw, tattoos running across his forearm, he was quite manly. She couldn’t wait to touch him. She slid closer to his side and ran her hand along his arms. He looked at her and winked. Then she slowly brought her hand lower and lower till she reached the zipper. She opened the zipper and put her hands inside. She found him hard and throbbing. She gave him a squeeze and started pulling at it. “Kells!” Luke moaned. She giggled and Luke growled, “I will get back at you soon. Real soon babe.” She smiles at the promise.

They arrive at his house, he shuts the ignition off and pulls out his keys. Without warning he opens her door and grabs her, holding her against his chest he takes her into his house. When inside, he pushes her against the wall and kisses her hard, hungry. His hands are roving on her body. “Any minute now.” Kelly thinks. He touches her bottom, bare bottom. He stills. His eyes land on hers and she smiles saucily. He growls and ravages her mouth while his hands grip her butt and squeezes them. His roving fingers find her folds and he starts rubbing her slowly, in circles, up and down. He pinches her clit and it sends a shock over her. “Aaah! Luke!” He plunges his fingers in her tight heat, leaving her gasping. He starts pumping his fingers, in out, in out, again and again. She is almost there, holding on to him for support. ”Yes! Yes! More! Give me more Luke!” But he stops and lifts her up again, taking her to his bed. I was on the seventh heaven with the sweaty sex moves.

He drops her on his bed and crawls over her. He whispers in her ear, “I am going to try something today. Are you up for some experimenting?” “With what?” she asks. “I want your ass babe.” Her breathing ratchets up in anticipation. Before she can say anything, he tears off her top and bites her nipple. Kelly feels a surge of pleasure run through her. She thrusts her chest out for him to take more. He licks her sensitive nipples slowly and then starts sucking on it while giving it little tugs with his teeth. Kelly can feel it all in her pussy. He keeps kissing her tits, playing with them, pinching them, and sending pleasure running through her body.

sweaty sex
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Then he gets up, removes his clothes and walks over to his cupboard. Kelly can see the tip of his cock peeking out from the top of his boxers. He is as excited as her. He pulls out a device, long, thin and a little broad at one end. He walks over and kisses her, lay her down on the bed and says, “You can ask me to stop if you don’t like it. Okay babe.” She nods. He crawls over her, removes her dress fully and starts loving her breasts again. He was a complete ass and tits man which she loved it. He moves down her body, his tongue on the underside of her breasts, in her navel, on the inside of her thigh. His fingers find her throbbing clit and he rubs her again. Plunges his finger inside, once twice and then pulls out. He is kissing her clit now. Gentle pulls that send shockwaves through her body.

The nibbling, oh God! Then she feels his thumb rubbing around her asshole. Something cool feels against her entrance. Lube, she knows. His sucking and licking on her clit never stop and she can’t help but clench. His finger slowly enters her butthole, just the tip. She stiffens. But he doesn’t go all the way in, he backs out and she relaxes again. He plunges his tongue in her pussy and uses it like his cock. She is feeling the orgasm build. His fingers are back at her butthole, wet, slowly circling. One finger goes in and then comes out. Pump in, pump out. The tongue going in and out of her pussy. She cannot hold it anymore. Her ass and her pussy are clenching. She comes with a scream and a shudder when a second finger enters her from behind. She was totally wet due to the steamy sweaty sex moves.

She is so wet now. She sees Luke’s cock, he is stretching it, tugging at it and his face is pure torture. She knows he wants it. And with that thought her need is back. She motions him to come over. He positions himself at her entrance and enters her. Rough and hard he fucks her. He is biting her neck, sucking it. His lips move to her breasts, biting, nibbling and sucking, while pounding her below. The bed is shaking and Kelly can’t help but shout, “Aaah, Oh, Ooh, Luke! Harder!” He pulls out, starts the device – a long slim vibrator and puts it into her pussy. Moving it in and out. The vibrations send her into a tizzy and she is squirming. Leaving the device inside her, he brings her on all fours.

She is facing the mirror and can see him lubing himself up. It’s the hottest thing she has seen in a while. Him, running his hands on his cock. His large hard cock, that has given her pleasure so many times. And tonight he will take her ass, where no one has gone. Thinking of it makes her buck against him. He looks up into the mirror and smirks, ”Relax babe. Soon.” With that promise, he starts rubbing his cock at the entrance of butt-hole. The cool liquid seeps inside her and his finger slides in too. Her body is more accepting this time. He starts moving the vibrator inside her pussy, just like his cock would and she relaxes. The next thing she feels is full. Full? Yes, his cock is inside her ass-hole and Luke is struggling to maintain his composure. “So tight. So tight babe. I love this!” he says. She can watch him fuck her from behind and enjoying the much needed sweaty sex.

She pushes back against him and he starts to move in her ass. Slowly at first and then faster. The vibrator in pussy is also moving at the same pace with his cock. He is everywhere. Filling her through and through with the sweaty sex movements. The pumping is faster. Her pussy is clenching around the vibrator and so is her asshole. “I am coming baby! Iam coming!” Luke shouts. He pulls the vibrator out, rubs her clit and plunges his fingers into her pussy while fucking her in her ass. Her pussy clenches and so does her anal passage around him. “Aaah! Aah! Aaah!” he is screaming and so is he. He comes inside her and they both collapse on the bed, spent and breathing heavily. He withdraws out of her and cuddles her after the sweaty sex session. “That was hot babe. Totally hot!” She gives him a beautiful smile as she snuggles closer and kisses his chest. “I love you”. “I love you more,” he says, and they drift off to sleep.

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