The One Night Stand

Office was buzzing with excitement today. Their small IT firm was taken over by a tech giant and the new boss was going to be here any minute. Pia walked into the office untouched by the thrill. Rumours had it that the new boss will be cutting off on the staff and that he is slave driver.

Pia, though did not like to dress scantily as her female colleagues, she wasn’t at all old fashioned. Her dresses were fashionable and she was efficient in her work. All she lacked was a little self confidence in public. And that’s why she started working here even though she was from an affluent family.

The new boss was punctual and he arrived right at time. Abhay was a stunning looking man. His deep smoldering brown eyes, his filled up body, his impeccable business suit, he was the kind of man who could arouse any girl merely by looking at her.

The moment Pia looked at him, she was stunned.

“This couldn’t be. This couldn’t be.” She staggered. Thankfully nobody noticed her as everyone stood gawking at him.

The introductions were going on.

“He couldn’t be here.” Pia was still lost in her thoughts when she was being introduced. When her trance broke, she saw his big palm extended towards her and those deep eyes looking down at her with curiosity and amusement. As she shook his hands, all she could think of the naughty things those hands had done to her that night, the one night stand.

She couldn’t relax even when Abhay announced he wasn’t going to fire anyone. People were celebrating while she was lost in her own thoughts. She remembers that fateful night of her Goa vacation. She wasn’t eager to go, but her friends, her BFFs, forced her to. And like always she had to give in.

She had met Abhay in a masquerade party. She wasn’t drunk, but a few shots of vodka, the music, the ambience and the mask made her a little bold. When Abhay offered to buy her a drink, she accepted. They chatted and before long, she was dancing with him, rubbing her body erotically to his.

She still wonders sometime, was it all that, or was it something about Abhay that made her do that. The pull was so strong, she couldn’t resist. And before she could think, she was in his room. The moment he closed the doors, he was all over her like a Tiger that have been on a hunt for a long time. His hands were moving frivolously on her dress, trying to figure out how to open them while his tongue was dancing with hers, sending shots of fire between her legs. She insisted to keep her mask on for the sake of thrill. That’s was she said to him. But she felt more confident hidden behind this mask. He took her to bed while he was still kissing her and his fingers were moving on her skin.

He was consumer with hunger and passion, just like she was. Thinking about it, she could still feel his tongue moving on her breasts, nibbling on her sensuous buds in between, sending currents in her entire body. Meanwhile his hands caressed her wet arousal. And then, in one swift motion, like a leopard, he was on top of her. He kissed her while he entered her with a thrust. A pain seared through her entire body. She had never been with a man before. Her nails dug on her back. He had been with a fair share of woman to understand this one was a virgin. He gasped at the thought and that aroused him even more.

He was finding it hard to hold but tried to take it slow. Gradually, the pain turned into sweetness and she started to moan with every thrust. The pleasure was so great, she was consumed by it. She forgot where she was. All she remembers was him moving in and out of her delicate arousal. And when she came, it felt like the earth was shattering, like an adrenaline rush, like she was on a drug.

Her moans sent him to the edge and he came with a growl. Never in his life he had orgasmed so hard compared to this one night stand. He wanted to take her again but he knew she must be in pain. So, he cuddled her and they slept. In the morning, she left before he could wake up. Since then, she thought of him often, re-lived that night in her dreams and hoped she could be with him one more time. Well, her prayers were answered and now, she had no idea what to do.

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