The One Night Stand – 3

This is the third and final part of the previous story The One Night Stand – 2

Abhay couldn’t believe his eyes or his luck. The girl he had been trying to find like a madman since that night is finally in front of his eyes. Not only that, she has made him lust as well, unknowingly. He felt the connection with her and had no idea why until now.

Next day, he called her in his cabin.

“So, that’s where you have been hiding.” He said.

Her big beautiful eyes got bigger with amusement. She was sure he couldn’t know. Then what was he talking about? Looking at her bemused expression. he lifted the picture from his desk, of her, from that night.

Her throat felt dry, unknowingly, she ran her tongue over her parched lips. That stirred something in him. In a flash, he was near her.

“Finally, I have found you, my mysterious women.” He whispered in her ears. But his mind was playing different story in the background, may be having a wild session of amazing sex in the office?

She could feel his hot breath on her neck. That feeling of his closeness flooded his mind with the memories of that night.

“How did you…”, The rest of the words were stuck in her throat as she felt his lips pressed against hers. The assault was hot and sweet. She felt herself loosing at the moment. His hands slipped on the small of her back, pressing her body on his. She could feel his arousal brushing against her wetness.

His hands roamed around her body like memorising each rise and fall of her body. And then, they stopped on her breast. Her buds were hard, shamelessly screaming of her desires. He rubbed his thumb lightly against the tip and she moaned. He teased her lips with his. She ardently pressed her body to his for more. He chuckled and obliged.

He squeezed her soft mounds harder and teased the buds a little more. He left her lips and left a trail of kisses on her neck, her cleavage until they found the place they wanted to be. He took her hard buds in between his teeth and nibble. Pleasure surged through her body and she moaned loudly like a wanton. She was oblivious to the fact that she was in the office and they are having sex in the office. For now, she was a slave to the pleasure this man was giving her.

She realised that her clothes were gone when she felt his lips on her naked navel. She couldn’t believe she was so lost. And he didn’t stop there. He went further down until he found the source of the heat. He touched and teased her soft folds with his fingers before putting his lips on them. He sucked like it was some kind of nectar pot. Her knees buckled with pleasure.

She could feel the pressure building in her with each nibble and lap of his tongue. And in no time, she felt Earth shattering under her feet. He legs gave up on her and mind was reeling. He lifted her in his arms and put her on the table. He spread her legs and entered her in one swift move. A curse escaped his lips for she was still as tight as he remembered her. He knew he wouldn’t be able to hold for long. And in no time, they both felt the explosion inside them. He fell on her, breathing hard. He could never thought that he would get her easily and could have sex in the office.

They both knew they have found theirs forever.

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