Movie and Moves

I am excited and out of breath. Brendan is taking me out tonight and I am so looking forward to a night full of dancing, drinking and hopefully sweaty sex. It’s been long since we had time to ourselves. But I need to get home and get dressed. Dress sexy he said, giving me smouldering “I want to eat you” stare. I raid my cupboard for a dress and spot the red strapless one with slits down the sides. Brendan had gone crazy when he saw me in it. But I couldn’t get into it now. I drop the towel and see my naked body. Rounded stomach, heavy boobs, no way would I get into that dress. Sighing, I check my cupboard again. I pick out the black one, yes, the one that hides flabby parts as it flares from the waist down, with a short skirt. It has a tie-up top that highlights my boobs, which are much bigger now. The minute I finish dressing, I can hear the front door opening. He is here.

He comes in and stops in his tracks looking at me. I feel conscious, that maybe this is a bad idea. He walks toward me and without warning kisses me. Hungry, tongues, teeth clashing. I rub myself against him loving the friction that has my breasts aching. He moves back and says “Oh my God! I am not sure I can take you to the place I was thinking of. Every guy will want you and I will want to break their face.” Possessive Brendan, I liked that very much. “Let’s go before I throw you against the wall and have my way with you.” He grabs my hand and we get in his car.

We arrive at an old brownstone and I have no idea what it is. We enter the building and are ushered into a large ballroom. It is dark and it takes time before I can see what is happening around me. There is a dance floor in front and private alcoves surround it halfway. The rest is the bar with a few tables around. But that is not what captures my attention. There is a cage in the middle of the dance floor, off the ground, maybe 5 feet and there are two women. Dancing. Naked. Their sultry and sexual moves tell me where I am. The couples on the dance floor are also grinding against each other, some with half their clothing removed, lost in the moment. The alcoves are dark, but I can hear noises from the one right next to me. I turn and I can see a man going down on a woman, in full view of the crowd. Its dark, but not that hard to see. The woman’s breasts are out of her dress and she is heaving. The man is focused on giving her pleasure, his face between her legs. Even I get excited seeing them sweating and I need sweaty sex badly.

Brendan squeezes my hand and I look at him. I am aroused, so turned on right now. “Do you want to dance?” he asks. “Yes,” my voice comes out strained. He takes me to the dance floor and he grabs my ass, pulling me closer, till I wrap my hands around his neck. My breasts are tight against him and we move to the slow sensual music. He kisses me slowly, his tongue caressing mine, while his hands hold my ass possessively. I start to grind against his very obvious erection, over our clothes. He slowly turns me around and holds me from behind, swaying to the music. Bodies move around us, entwined with their partners. I let the music take hold of me and bring my hands to Brendan’s neck behind me. The action pushes my breasts out. I am aroused. I am really am and so is he, going by the size of cock grinding against my butt.

He is holding me over my stomach, but his hands move upward, until he has covered my breasts. They ache and feel so heavy. After a minute of just cupping me, he slowly starts pressing them, weighing them and kissing my neck. I feel better now that his hands are on me, but a new ache begins that wants more. His mouth, his cock, all over me. “Oh” I go and he starts pinching my nipples through dress and I can feel the pleasure coursing through me. Still swaying to the music, his hands wander down, and his face rubbing my neck with kisses. He slowly puts his hand under my skirt and caresses my inner thigh. I shudder against him and he holds me tighter. His finger grazes my clit through the thin lace and I gasp out “Babe!” But people around aren’t paying any attention to me and doing it out in the open sends a thrill through me. “Do you want me to stop,” he asks. I shake my head. So he keeps going. His finger has found my clit and it’s going in circles, the pressure increasing. “So wet babe. So wet,” Brendan murmurs and kisses me again. His hands go back to pleasuring me. One finger goes inside me, “Oh! Oh, that feels good,” I sigh and rub my butt against him. Spurred on, he starts pumping into me, on the dance floor, in the open. Two fingers now and my juices are flowing freely. His left hand finds my breast under the top, while his right plays with my pussy.

He is squeezing my boob, pinching my taut nipples, plunging his fingers inside me in a steady rhythm. I feel the orgasm building and he can feel it too, as he starts plunging in faster. He is fucking me with his forefinger as his thumb brushes against my clit. He pinches my nipple hard and nibbles my neck. And I come, shaking and moaning. His arms hold me tight before I collapse. I came on the dance floor, in the middle of a crowd. But no one seems bothered, too busy in search of their own pleasure and sweaty sex.

In a daze, I walk with Brendan to an alcove, where he sits me down and asks, “Are you ok?” Mute I nod. “Did you enjoy it?” “Immensely,” I say and smile shyly. He smiles like he has been given a big present. “Good,” he says, “Coz I am not done and yet to enjoy the real sweaty sex.” I realise he still sports wood. So, I grab his face and kiss him hard. I squeeze his member hard. He lies me down on the couch, pulls down my top and gives my tits a rough squeeze. My legs lie on the armrest and my body is on the couch. He stands and pulls his pants down. I look at him stroking his cock. It hard and purple. He puts it at the tip of my entrance and then plunges fiercely. “Aaaah!” I scream in pleasure. He starts moving in me, not slow. But hard. So much so that the couch is shaking. He is holding onto me by my boobs. The pounding also pulls at my breasts. It is so hot. I feel hot. His squeezing becomes harder, in tandem with my pussy clenching around him. He pinches my nipples again, rough, hard and I come. A minute later he comes with me, throbbing, his cum inside my body. I am liking the sweaty sex.

Slowing down, he withdraws and sits, pulling me on his lap. We kiss each other, deep and passionate. He ties my top back up and puts my skirt in place. Later that night we drive back to our house, sated and happy. As we enter, my Mom steps out. “Is the baby sleeping?” I ask. “Yes. Did you have a good night?” she asks. “Amazing,” I answer. “Okay, I will head out now. Baby Andrew is asleep and has had his dinner,” she smiles. After she leaves, Brendan hugs me and we go to peek into our, little bundle’s room. He is sleeping soundly. It has been a year since he came into our lives and we couldn’t be happier. At times we find different ways to enjoy our own sweaty sex and romance!

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