Hot Neighbour

Matthew, my super-hot neighbour was stopping for dinner. He loved my cooking and would often stop by to try my treats. The bell rings. I open it and see him standing there. Curls covering his forehead, tattoos on his arms, giving me a beaming smile. My heart stops. Just looking at him makes my stomach flutter. Every day he stops at my house to grab a bite just like today.

“Hey”, he says mussing my head, “What have we got today?” He sniffs the air. “Wow, fried chicken!” He drops his guitar on my couch and makes himself a plate. We finish our dinner and I see him staring at me. The meal is long over, but he hasn’t made a move to get out. “What?” I ask him. “Do you want to go take a dip in the pool?” he asks. The adventurous me says yes. We make our way to the building’s pool area. He strips to his boxers and jumps in. I take my time and remove my shirt to reveal a skimpy blue bikini. I catch him watching me intently, but he gives me an encouraging smile and beckons me into the water. I could never find anyone else apart from Matthew, my love and my hot neighbour. 

I slowly glide in, towards him. We float around a bit and splash each other. Then he comes really close to me. He is biting his lips and looking at me differently. “You are so beautiful.” He says and draws his finger against my lips. My gaze falls upon his mouth and then his eyes. A split second later, he kisses me on the mouth. Slight touch at first, I respond and he plunders my mouth. He starts nibbling, under my ears, my neck. Then his gaze falls on my breasts, bobbing in the water. The nipples are straining against the small cup that barely covers me. He drags his hands over my neck and chest, stopping just above my breasts. He looks up and I nod, giving him permission.

His hands find my nipples and run over them. I shiver. Matthew is playing with my breasts, he looks fascinated. Squeezing, massaging and pinching the next minute. I hold on to his shoulders for balance and he treads out of the water, with me in his hold. We climb out of the pool, but he doesn’t let me go. He leads to a pool chair under a shelter and lies down with me. He brings his mouth to mine and begins kissing me again. Open mouthed, wet, dirty kisses that foreshadow his intent. While his tongue is duelling with mine, his warm palms cup my breasts. “I love your tits, so full and heavy.” He plays with them, weighing them and running his fingers above my nipples. “Can I see them?” he asks. I nod, too shy to say anything. He reaches my back and unties the bikini top.

“Wow. Your tits are beautiful. They can make any man horny, sweet Jane. Those cherry nubs are calling me, pointing at me and I want to eat them.” He growls. Oh, this makes me so horny. He starts nibbling on my tits and I feel it to my toes. His fingers glide over my bikini bottoms and I know he feels the wetness of my body. He gives me a predatory smile and watches me while he removes my bottoms. His fingers move over my clit slowly, and I feel more juices flowing out. He is smiling now and the next moment his finger is inside me. He moves it in and out and I start to feel an ache. “Matt! Matt!” I scream and buck. His fingers are moving in and out of me, while he watches. Then he dips his head and bites my nipple. I moan his name and hold him closer.

“I don’t have any protection on me now, Janey. But I so want this.” He sounds pained. I nudge him on and he removes his boxers. His member stands out rigid and angry. He is tugging at it and stroking. I hold him tight and start to move my hands along his shaft. He is hard and I have a desire to suck him.  I take his tip into my mouth and roll my tongue over it. He shivers and closes his eyes. I start licking him, sucking him with hard tugs and he moans continuously. I take him into my mouth and that action slowly tugs at his foreskin. “Aaah! Jane, you are killing me babe,” he says. I take him deeper into my mouth till I can feel him near my throat. I repeat the actions again, lick, suck, and take him in full. I resume rubbing him with my hand while I suckle at his balls. He bucks wildly on the chair and I feel a surge of power. I take him in my mouth again, while I knead and play with his balls. I am sucking him hard when he holds my hair and comes in my mouth. He lies on the chair exhausted. But after a few seconds, he is up. He gathers our clothes, dresses me and himself and is taking me up to the apartment.

We enter mine and he just pushes me against the door and bites my neck, grinding his erection against me. He makes me lie down on the sofa and rubs his bare erection on my clit, against my vertical lips. The friction is so pleasant that I moan and squirm on the couch. My body starts humming due to his ministrations. His hands are back at my boobs, massaging them while rubbing against me. I am pretty sure he is coated in my wetness. He looks at me and I reach down to touch him. He hisses, but I grab him and put his head inside me. He stills, but my body is eager and I wiggle to take in more of him. His hard-on is stretching me in the most delicious way. I look at him and whimper, “Please Matt.” And he just pushes himself in with such force that my breath leaves me. He is snug inside me and I feel full, stretched.

I wiggle and he starts moving again, but withdraws and walks over to his discarded pants. He takes out a condom and sheaths himself. Then walks back over, turns me around, on my knees and enters my pussy from behind. Skin slaps against skin as I cry out his name. “More Matt! Harder!”I moan. He slaps my ass and the shock of it makes my pussy clench. He squeezes my butt cheek. “You like it dirty girl?” he rasps and slaps my ass again. I clench around him again and he moans. His pounding is relentless and I hear him say “I am coming,” right before he reaches forward and rubs my clit. He pinches it and I shudder when the orgasm hits me. He is still moving in me when I come down from my high. But then he slows and takes his cock out. He disposes off the condom, holds my body against his and lies back down on the couch.

We are quiet when he says “Go out with me?” A blink at his question, but he goes on, “Fine, you are going out with me tomorrow,” he smiles.“A date with flowers and all. I would have wanted that first, but I wanted you so bad.” “You want to be with me?” I ask and he replies “Yes, I wanted to, for a long time now.” I say yes and release a squeal when he tickles me and pounces on me to go at it again. He is my super hot neighbour. 

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