Out of the Closet

Arjun was the star of the school. He excelled in both sports and academics. He was the kind of guy you get to see once in a few batches, handsome, smart, and an intelligent all rounder. Girls would do everything possible to make him look at them just once and when he did, all they could do is dream of a life with him. However, he never paid heed to anyone, not even the prettiest one.

He was just waiting for the perfect one to walk by him. He was okay with that until his heart started to thud when Nikhil walked by him. He couldn’t understand that feeling. Nikhil had just joined his class. He was the shy, quiet, nerdy kind. He looked like someone who could need some protection from the bullies. And every time he was in trouble, Arjun couldn’t stop himself from rescuing him.

Slowly, from being his bodyguard, he became his best buddy. They often hung out together. Even the school started to joke about them as the new couple. Nikhil often remained calm and unaffected but Arjun used to get angry. At night, he would decide to avoid him but as soon as he would see Nikhil walk-in, his resolve would melt.

One day while studying together in Arjun’s room, they kissed briefly. Arjun was apprehensive while Nikhil stayed calm.

“I am sorry. I shouldn’t have.” Apologized Nikhil.

“Damn right, you shouldn’t have.” He fumed in anger.

I should have told you I am gay and I want a partner to feel real gay romance.”

Saying that Nikhil stayed quiet staring out of the window, waiting for Arjun to leave. But Arjun was confused more than angry. He wasn’t feeling disgusted as he should be. Instead, he was feeling butterflies in his tummy.

He was drawn to Nikhil. He went up to him and put his hands on his shoulder.

“I want to do that again.” Said Arjun.

Nikhil smiled, pulled him in his arms and kissed him again, slow and steady. He wanted Arjun to lead him and that he did. Arjun deepened the kiss and his hands moved to Nikhil’s lower back. He grabbed him and pulled him closer. Passion surged inside him. Their tongues were playing hide and seek in each other’s mouth. They were experiencing real gay romance for the first time. 

Before any of them knew, they were naked and all over each other. Nikhil knew it was Arjun’s first time so he took the lead. He led him to bed and started kissing him on his neck and shoulders. Arjun was moaning and was lost in the pleasure entirely. He sucked on his buds, teasing them one by one and then dipped his tongue into his belly button.

An electric current went down the spine of Arjun when he felt Nikhil’s warm breath on his hard-on. He teased him before taking the entire length into his mouth. He sucked him with various paces until Arjun groaned like an animal and came.

Nikhil stood up looking into the star-glazed eye of his new lover. He knew he was ready for more.

“It will pain a lot,” Niklhil said.

Arjun kissed Nikhil and said, “I want to.”

Nikhil turned him around, applied the cream on his puckered hole and slipped his erect manhood into his tight hole. A painful scream escaped Arjun’s mouth but he held his mouth with his hands to stop the scream. Nikhil waited for some time, for his pain to subside and then he started to move in and out slowly.

The painful sounds converted into pleasurable moans. Nikhil started playing with Arjun’s erection. A few strokes later they both came hard and laid together side by side breathing heavily, feeling their love for each other and getting the love of real gay romance.

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