Secret side of the personal secretary and the boss

When it comes to new joiners, James is extremely cautious about it. After all, the CEO prefers to look into these things personally and as the HR, it will come down to him if the new employees are not exactly the way his boss wants. Lately, James often wonders what is the point of this charade. It has been six months the company is looking for the personal secretary for the CEO. He has his own secret side of life that he enjoys.

Already two girls he hired has ghosted. James was getting really worried and frustrated. The third girl he hired has however, managed to last for two months. He was really worried if she would stay till her probation is over or run away like the previous girls. The specifics of the job description was enough to put off many girls but there is always someone willing to go that extra length. Unfortunately, James was still not sure if he has found her.

This day, as James was heading for the office with a rather depressed attitude. As he was listlessly browsing through his mobile, an ad popped up. It was for Nottingham escorts. He was slightly curious and decided to check it out. There were pictures of the prettiest girls he has ever seen. As he swiped through them, he paused on one picture. The girl’s name was Rachel.

She looked like a diva and had the most amazing body possible. But that is not what drew him to the picture. The girl looked awfully familiar. After checking the picture for sometime he realised with a shock- it was the personal secretary he hired last. But in office she is called Jennifer and appeared rather like the next door plain Jane.

James could not focus on his work throughout that day as he noticed the secret side of her secretary too. Every time he saw Jennifer going past him, he would observe her keenly. It was definitely her in the picture but he just could not relate how such a simple girl look like a diva in those photos. Ah! The power of Makeup! In the heat of the moment, James ended up hiring her for the night that day. He was not sure why he did that but he needed some answer.

At evening when he was about to leave, Jennifer came and got into the elevator with him. it was just two of them. They did not speak but both of them headed to the parking. Jennifer seemed normal as she headed for her car but James felt like his heart would burst out. Once he was home, he waited nervously.

Within half an hour, there was a knock and he rushed to answer the door. It was Jennifer or Rachel rather, standing there looking at him with a curious smile on her face. It was hard to recognise her as the personal secretary he hired a couple of months back who has a sensual secret side. She ignored his appalled look and walked in and headed straight for the sofa. She sat down and spread her leg and signalled him to her. He walked up to the divan like he is spellbound.

Rachel grabbed the front of his shirt and kissed him passionately. She was murmuring how she always wanted him in office but could approach for she was his boss’s mistress after all- that is the job description of the secretary. But now that he hired her, it was the perfect opportunity. James was spiralling down into the pool of desires and he could not hold back anymore. As he kissed her, he felt her fingers working around the zip and button of his trousers. In seconds, she had undressed him deftly.

She kneeled on the floor and held his erect dick in her hands and popped it in her mouth. She was looking at him while she sucked him hard. James could not help but moan out. she was really good at what she was doing. James had never felt such satisfaction before from a blowjob. She had a way of twirling her tongue around the dick. He could not resist anymore and wanted to fuck her right now.

He quickly grabbed her and picked her up. Then he held her against the wall and started kissing her. Then he pushed his dick inside her vagina in one swift movement. She gasped loudly and wrapped her hands around his neck. James was now fucking her as hard as he could. He felt her legs wrap around his waist tightly as he fucked her even harder.

In another fifteen minutes, James had his first orgasm. He could not help but fill her up with his warm juices. He felt the sticky warmth dripping down the side of his thighs from inside her vagina. Rachel’s boobs felt so soft against his skin and he bent down to bite and suck on them. Rachel was grabbing his hair hard as he kept biting down on her nipples. She was moaning and thrashing around in his arms.

Soon he felt his dick getting hard once more and he carried her to the divan. He placed her on all fours and positioned his dick on her vagina. Then he teased her slowly. By now, Rachel was getting crazy and begged him to fuck her once more. He teased some more and when she least expected it, he pushed his dick deep inside her.

She let out a yelp but James kept fucking her really hard. His dick was banging inside her and her whole body was shaking from the impact. In a few minutes, Rachel was shouting that she was about to climax. But James just fucked her harder on hearing that. Soon, he felt a hush of heat and wetness on his dick as she squirted all over it. James bent down to kiss her neck and her back. she looked back at him and he kissed her lips. He was relieved that he managed to find the perfect private secretary after all and now he can have her too as there is no more secret side of her.

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