Dolores found love after her husband passed away

The initial months after Roger died, it was hard on Dolores. They have been together for almost twenty years. Dolores had the perfect marriage- a loving husband, two beautiful kids who are now established in their own merit. But her world turned upside down with Roger’s sudden heart attack. While everyone consoled her for her loss, Dolores knew what was truly making her upset. Unlike what people saw, their relationship was more about co-dependency than love or passion. Dolores was not saddened out of love for Roger- the sudden change made her more upset. Love or not, she had company in life with him but what now? She found love in an unexpected way though.

Dolores is in her mid-forties but looks younger than her age. A successful business woman, she immersed herself even more in work after this death. It paid off but when she went back home, it was lonely. More than anything, she missed the physical intimacy of having a man by her side on the bed. She missed the sex. She would occasionally think about having an affair but refrained worrying about the scandal. Within a couple of months of his death, Dolores found herself browsing through sex toy sites and checking out fucking machines for her home. But she couldn’t bring herself to buy something like that and finally decided to settle for the traditional method- dating and finding love.

Henry would frequently visit her hardware store every weekend for various supplies. He was the local carpenter. In his fifties, Henry had a stunning body and there was a rustic warmth about his demeanour. He was a widower too. It did not take long for them to get close and a friendship blossomed. Finally one day, Dolores invited Henry to her home for dinner. It was a Saturday evening and Henry reached just in time.

Dolores had set up quite a buffet but they decided to start with some light snacking and wine on the side. They talked about everything- but mostly came back to the loneliness they felt since their partners died and she felt she found love being around him. All these times, Dolores was intently watching him, wondering how it would feel to kiss him. At one point, she quickly moved forward and pecked his cheek as a consoling gesture when he talked about his life. Henry looked deeply in her eyes and before they knew, their lips locked. What started as a sweet kiss became passionate in seconds as they grabbed and pulled each other closer.

Henry was tearing off her delicate evening dress and soon Dolores was on the couch in her innerwear’s. Her breasts were large and round but rather firm for her age. Henry grabbed them and pulled them out of the bra. He started sucking on the nipples and she moaned. She was grappling at his trouser and soon managed to unzip it. his boner was impressive as it sprang out and was erect. She quickly pushed him backwards on the couch and then went down on him. She sucked his dick and moaned with satisfaction. It has been such a long time since she tasted a man’s dick in her mouth. Henry moaned while she started deep-throating his dick.

When he could not hold back anymore, henry sat up and flipped her over. She was on all-fours on the couch and she tried to look back. But Henry pushed her face down with one hand and grabbed her waist with the other. She felt he was positioning his dick at her vagina and soon he had given a mighty push and penetrated her. She gasped as her vagina felt tight from his dick. Henry was already too much engrossed in the act and he was going extremely fast and hard.

She felt her boobs jiggling that he occasionally grabbed. Dolores loved how his rough hands were exploring her body while he fucked her. After almost fifteen minutes, he turned her over, and took her on front. Their eyes met, and Henry tenderly kissed her forehead and eyes. Then he went down to her lips and next to her earlobes and neck. She felt a shiver of pleasure running down her entire body as Henry trailed kisses and licked her collarbones and went even down.

She felt a tension building in her vagina while Henry kept going on and on. She was about to climax! It was hard to remember for her when she had orgasmed last, that too while having intercourse. In another couple of minutes, with a burst of pleasure, Dolores felt her juices sprouting out around henry’s dick as she climaxed and squirted. Henry was not in the mood to stop though.

He smiled and kissed her but went on fucking her as hard as ever. Dolores wrapped her legs and arms around him and clung to him. His strong hands were exploring her body and occasionally squeezing her breasts, waist and hips as he did so. After almost an hour, Henry finally whispered in her ears that he is about to climax. She affectionately nipped his earlobe and licked it.

Henry’s eyes widened at the gesture and he could not hold back anymore. He climaxed and filled her pussy with his love juices. Once he was done, henry slumped on her body and panted. Dolores hugged him affectionately with a satisfied smile on her face. Somehow, she did not feel guilty at all about the entire situation. Instead she was really happy. She felt free and loved.

Henry finally lifted his head and smiled sheepishly at her. Then he kissed her forehead tenderly and climbed off her. She sat up and wrapped her arms around his shoulder and rested her head on it. That night, they cuddled and talked and made love. Dolores knew she had finally found love and passion in her life. It need not be perfect from the outside but this was what gave her true happiness more than anything she experienced in her entire life.

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