Dolores found love after her husband passed away

The initial months after Roger died, it was hard on Dolores. They have been together for almost twenty years. Dolores had the perfect marriage- a loving husband, two beautiful kids who are now established in their own merit. But her world turned upside down with Roger’s sudden heart attack. While everyone consoled her for her […]

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The Hunky Neighbour was my Perfect Sex Buddy

I am Laura. Living in Cleveland for almost 20 years now with my husband- I know the place and its people perfectly well. So, it was quite a surprise to see a handsome young man at the local Walmart right before me at the counter. He has smiled and let me get my billing done […]

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My Loneliness Comes to an End

It happened about a year before. I am a 35 year old woman, who is struggling to raise her two kids and craving the attention of her busy husband. Ever since I gave birth to our second child, my husband had turned distant as he started working more than ever before. We got married at […]

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