My Loneliness Comes to an End

It happened about a year before. I am a 35 year old woman, who is struggling to raise her two kids and craving the attention of her busy husband. Ever since I gave birth to our second child, my husband had turned distant as he started working more than ever before. We got married at the age of 23 as we were college sweethearts. My husband Nick, his best friend Ryan and I, hanged out together in college all the time. Ryan would always try and solve our fights and even though I knew he was Nick’s best friend, I did realise that he cared for me too.  He was always this gentle, kind and helpful person, who would be there for me even at 2 a.m. I never thought I would end up having sex with husband’s friend. 

Our marriage was a happy one, until the moment we started having less sex due to childbirth. Consequently, Nick and I started fighting more and more after the birth of our second son. I had a feeling that he was having an affair because he used to come home late from work and as a result, we rarely had sex or rather any kind of intimacy between us. Ryan on seeing this for a few months had tried to talk to Nick about it but he casually dismissed it saying that it was a personal matter. Ryan around that time had been divorced after two years of marriage. Nick’s absence started to grow on the children as he missed each program of theirs’ and refused to take them for their classes or practices any more. Ryan being the kindest, offered to help me out so much so that I became dependent on him with the children. He started spending more time with us when Nick was away.  

One day, when we were returning from my son’s football practice, the season’s first rains took us by surprise. As we got out of the car in the rain to rush inside the house, we got completely drenched. I immediately send my son to his room to take a shower and freshen up and as we panted standing next to each other I noticed that Ryan’s t-shirt clung to his well-maintained body.  I found him staring at me too, which is when I realised that my white top was clinging to my breasts and the outline of my bra could be seen. At that intense moment, I felt his stare on my wet body and I developed this instant urge to kiss him.

After a long time, I felt the real wetness in my vertical lips. As he moved forward slowly, I could not help but hug him tightly, feeling his back stiffen through his dripping t-shirt. I grasped his face and started planting kisses on his lips; I kissed his neck softly and moved above to suck his earlobes. This drove him crazy and he yanked at my top. In no time, he pulled the top away and threw it on the floor. All this while he was kissing me and I tugged at his t-shirt till he took it off. I rub his cock over his clothes. His cock turns hard under my touch. Ryan suddenly cups my breasts. As he takes them in his hands, he pulls my brown nipples. He twirls them in between his fingers and takes my breasts inside his mouth. He sucks my breasts with deep hard kisses and leaves small bites on them. I moaned in pleasure and held his hair. Now I was sure Ryan is caring for me and I don’t mind having sex with husband’s friend.

He kisses me on my neck, runs his hand all over my body while I hold his balls over his clothes and press it gently. We moved to the sofa caressing each other as much as we could. He pushed me on the sofa and with one hand, he unbuckled his belt and got out of his trousers. I gasped when I saw his dick. It was huge and immediately I held it in my hand and started licking the head, slowly and seductively, with the tip of my tongue. He moaned as I felt his pre-cum oozing out. I took his head inside my mouth and started sucking it. He held my hair as I pushed his cock into my mouth. I nearly gorged, but then opened my mouth wide to accommodate him. He kept massaging my back, and squeezing my breasts, especially the nipples.

I felt my cunt ooze out warm liquid. He passionately held my neck and kissed me on my mouth. Instructing me to stop sucking, he quickly turned me around on my belly, pulled out my shorts and panties in one go. He smelled my wet panty and threw it down. Gently, he kissed my back and lifted my buttocks, planting soft bites around and then, he felt my wet vaginal lips. He inserted a finger inside and my stomach churned as I felt liquid oozing out to his finger from my vagina. He rubs my nub in circles and massaged my g-spot inside my body. I begged him to fuck me and he obliged by shoving his erect cock inside, ramming into my vulva. Then he held my hips and slowly, he increased his pressure. I synced my hip movements to match his pace. I never ever thought sex with husband’s friend would give me this kind of pleasure. Oh no!

Gradually, his entire length went inside and as he squeezed my breasts at the same time, I moaned loudly. He held my hair back and humped me, giving sensations in my body that I had never felt before. After some time, he rammed my vagina harder and I felt his cum inside my cunt. Simultaneously, I felt my thighs stiffen as my vulva let out a massive orgasm. We sat on the sofa, next to each other, panting and realising the mistake we had committed. However, none of us felt any regret. It was one of the best sex that I had ever had and it became the start of a new bond between us. Ever since, we spend more time together, taking a moment or two alone to fuck the might out of each other. All this while, when I craved for my husband’s attention, Ryan came to me as a saviour to extinguish all my loneliness and make me feel loved again. Sex with husband’s friend was a bad thought initially but now its all good for me. 

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