The Contract Marriage- Finding The Bride

The Billionaire Arnab Raizada is the most eligible bachelor of the entire state. Despite his pretentious nature, women flocked around him. Money always attracted them and his devilish good looks added to the charm. But none of them was worth marrying. They would hound him for his money and reputation. He was irritated on his grandfather’s wishes. He had put it in his will that Arnab won’t inherit the estate if he doesn’t get married. And in that case, the estate would go to the trust. Only one way comes to his mind, a contract marriage.

Not that he needed the money, but it won’t hurt to have more. Moreover, he couldn’t let the generations of effort and hard earned money go into someone else’s hand. So, he started looking for a prospective bride possibly for a contract marriage. And then he met her at a cafe. She was serving him. She had a smile on her face that looked genuine. Her big blue eyes were deep and her long eyelashes covered her eyes, protecting them like a precious jewel.

Looking at her, he felt something he had never felt before, a surge of desires, pure carnal lust. At least that’s what he thought at that time. Even after leaving the cafe, he couldn’t stop thinking about her, her big expressive eyes, her swollen kissable lips, here stiff perky mounds. He felt himself hardening.

He went to the cafe and met her again. This time, she was giving her doe-eyed looks. He knew she wasn’t untouched with his charms. He took her to his condo and jumped upon her luscious lips. Her lips tasted like nectar. His hands reached for her breasts. They felt exactly like he had imagined. He tore her blouse and greedily suckled on her buds. She arched her back against the wall and moaned. Her throaty voice aroused him even further. He pushed his knees in between her legs. She opened herself for him willingly. His one hand was playing on her back while other was taking pleasure in mauling her mounds. All this, while he was feasting on her lips and breasts alternatively.

Her surrender to him was giving him the ultimate pleasure. He always had a thing for submissive women. He then threw her on his fluffy king-sized couch. Like it happens in many love stories, he couldn’t control himself. He had to be inside her right now. He slipped his erection inside her soft folds. It was hot and so wet, he was already feeling on the edge. He didn’t want to be done so soon. So, he waited till the excitement died down and then he began pumping again. She moaned harder and she felt her orgasm running through her. As her hot sweet spot flooded with her pleasure, he couldn’t control himself as well. He reached the apex and felt like he blacked out. He closed his eyes and when he opened them, he was all alone in the bed. He was perspiring even in the chilled air condition.

He shook his head; he was going crazy over a girl he had just seen. He was sure she could be lured with a little temptation. He had little idea that he was in for a huge surprise here. He was not sure if he should look for a contract marriage or he should go with his feelings.

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