Teen’s Introduction to Virtual Sex-Part 2

This is part-2 of the story Teen’s Introduction to Virtual Sex- Part-1

I had become quite familiar with cam sex when I turned 19. Adult models were a regular part of my life. I was a single and a horny girl who had found a solace in virtual sex. I had also become a regular with a few favourite models. In one such regular chat, I chose a female model just for a change, even though I was sure I was not a lesbian. I was unsure as well as terrified as to how that would turn out yet I was curious to have an experience with a female model on a cam chat online.

As I clicked ‘Ready’ on the control box of the cam chat free online website, a woman appeared on the screen who was wearing just a t-shirt with no pants underneath. She was beautiful and had a huge bust. She said, ‘hi’ with a wave of a hand. I greeted back, a bit nervously. She asked my name and I reluctantly gave a fake name. She then took off her t-shirt revealing her huge round boobs with dark brown nipples. It was a delight to watch her hold her boobs in both her hands and squeeze them. She urged me to open my clothes which I did subsequently. I had my lace panty on. She held her boobs and licked her nipples seductively. This turned me unusually wet and I immediately started caressing my dripping pussy.

She laid down on her bed and spread her legs in front of me showing her hairy cunt to me. It was wet and looked delicious. I had the instant urge to lick her cunt, and play with her hair on top of her pussy. I was feeling it all real while we were enjoying virtual sex. While I sat there fingering myself slowly watching her finger herself and moan loudly, I did not pay attention as to when a new girl entered the room and jumped on the bed, naked. She looked at the cam and winked at me. In not time they started kissing each other as they held each other’s boobs and squeezed them hard. The new girl pinched the girl’s nipples so hard that she let out a shout. Then, the new girl started licking her boobs and sucked her nipples. As they devoured each other’s bodies I kept fingering myself harder imagining myself in between them.

Suddenly, the new girl sat in a doggy position facing the camera and the other girl licked her ass hungrily. The girl humped her for a while, and then suddenly she spanked her hard in between her ass and cunt. She then inserted her finger inside the girl’s cunt and then started fingering her speedily. Simultaneously, I increased my speed as I closed my eyes, hearing their moans and the frequent shouts from the hard spanks. I imagined myself being fucked by these two ladies and then all of a sudden hot cum oozed out of me and I felt so tired that I lay down on the bed with a thud. My first experience with female models and virtual sex was so hot that I moved on my life to make out with a few ladies later on even though I was straight.

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