Teen’s Introduction to Virtual Sex-Part 1

I was 17 when I first discovered the pleasure of virtual sex. I had accidentally sneaked into my brother’s room at night and to my utter bewilderment I saw him jerking off to a random naked girl on webcam. After a few months, I started talking to guys on free online sex chat forums. The guy with whom I had chats for a while, suggested that we have cam sex rather than on text messaging. Since I was already curious, I readily agreed.

As I clicked ‘yes’ on the control box appearing on the window to enable webcam, I flushed. I adjusted the camera as I did not want to show my face. In a few moments, I saw a rather handsome guy, obviously older to me, on the other side of the screen. He said, “Hi.” Being nervous as I was, I replied with a stammer. I had chatted with him for a while now, yet I was tense because I did not want him to know that I was a teen.

However, the guy seemed to be understanding and he said, “I know you might not wish to show me your face the first time, but I bet you are beautiful. I want to see your body.”

At this, I felt myself blushing and I slowly took off my t-shirt to show my newly-formed boobs.

“More”, he implored.

Looking at the image of myself onscreen thrilled me even more. My nipples hardened as I ran my fingernails over my perky breasts and nipples. I could hear the guy sigh. He sat in front of the computer and I could see him over his waist. Slowly, he removed his t-shirt to reveal his well-chiselled abs. I gasped as I felt my clit turn tight and wet. He then stood up and lowered himself a bit to remove his jeans. After sliding them down, he pulled back his chair and as he sat down, I could see his erect penis throbbing in his hands. It grew more erect as he kept stroking it. He smiled as he teased me by holding his dick’s head and pre-cum oozed from his penis. It looked so slick that I wanted to taste it instantly.

He then said, “It is your turn now.” I immediately opened my shorts and sat in front of my laptop spreading my legs so that he could have a clear view of my wet cunt. I kept rubbing my pussy to arouse him more and enjoy the virtual sex. He instructed me to separate my pussy lips and then, rub my clit. I, being the obedient student, did as said by him. I then inserted one finger inside my cunt. Closing my eyes, he asked me to imagine his throbbing cock inside my aching wet pussy. I wanted him to fuck me, right then.

I kept fingering myself as fast as I could and I was close to my climax as could feel my legs go numb. My pussy was hot and oozed liquids and as I moaned, I could hear him jerking off and somehow, his instructions were enough to turn me on. After some time, I had an orgasm as cum blasted out of my cunt. Around the same time, I could hear him moan loudly as he shot a load of cum on his thighs. I was short of breath after that and in no time, he waved a good-bye and vanished from the screen. We both enjoyed the charm of virtual sex.

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