School Friend

I heard the doorbell ring and my mom’s voice calling me. As soon as I entered the drawing room downstairs, I saw him, Brian, smiling sweetly at my Mom. Brian was my neighbour and high school sweetheart. She asked me to give him company till she got him something to eat. After she left, his eyes took me in and I glared in return. “What are you doing here?” I said in a cold voice. “Came to see you,” he replied. “Well now that you have SEEN me, please leave!” I hissed. His eyes flared with anger and before I could react, he had me pressed against the wall, my soft breasts rubbing his chest. The hunger was back in him and I could see it in his eyes too.

His lips captured mine in a rough kiss, I resisted, but he was relentless. He pushed himself towards me and ground his hips against my core. My mouth opened in a soft moan and he plunged his tongue inside. I was breathing him, tasting him. I fisted his shirt and pulled him closer, he grabbed my butt and squeezed it. The memories came crashing back, the pain of not seeing him again, of never hearing from him. He broke off all contact. And now I was kissing him back? I pushed him away at the realisation, ran to my room and locked myself in.

I didn’t see him for 3 days. But there was this constant ache in my heart. At night, as I lay down listening to the rain, I also heard a scratching noise. I got up to investigate, heard it coming from my window and opened it. Brian was sitting on the branch of a tree, the one that was right in between both our houses. He climbed in and stood near my bed. After a few minutes of staring, he asked, “How have you been Mel?” I lifted my eyebrows in confusion, “Why do you suddenly care? I am not sure why you are even here.” After a minute of silence, he said, “I am here for you. Here to see if you still have feelings for me? If there is anything….left.” “There is nothing left,” I hushed in a whisper. “So, you feel nothing when I do this?” he said and pulled me close. My breath accelerated. He still had that effect on me, I knew it. “Nothing when I do this?” he said while running his lips along my neck and jaw. I shuddered. “This?” he asked and ran his rough palms over my arms leaving goosebumps on my skin.

I was breathing hard, shivering. I moaned softly. He lifted my chin up and looked into my eyes and began kissing me slow and sure. His hands ran all over me, remembering my body. He turned me around, my back to his front and kissed my neck. He touched my stomach under my clothes, caressing me, nibbling at my earlobe. “Do you want me to stop?” he asked. “No” I groaned, delicious feelings coursing through me. He growled and cupped my soft breasts, playing with them. I push them against his palms. “You want more baby? I will pleasure you tonight,” he promised. One hand played with my breast, squeezing, massaging and pinching my nipple, while the other strayed to my shorts. His rough hand against my soft breasts, was arousing me and the other hand moving towards my panties was giving me tremors in anticipation.

He reached my shorts and cupped me, then began rubbing me through the silk. The pressure was just right. He was whispering sweet nothings, like he used to, in my ear, while touching my most intimate parts. His thick finger found his way inside me, “So tight babe! So tight.” His finger went in and out, while I greedily sucked him inside my body. He inserted another finger in my wet channel and I could feel the tingling start at my toes. His nibbles on my neck and ear, his hands on my soft breasts, his fingers inside, were building the pressure. He used his thumb to press my clit and an orgasm hit me. I bucked and shook in his arms. He held me tight while fucking me with his finger, till the orgasm ebbed and I let my body slide against his.

He picked me up and laid me down on the bed. He pulled his shirt and pants without thought. God! he was a commando and his cock pointed towards me, hard and ready. He moved over me and removed my shirt and shorts. Bared to him completely, he looked at me with hungry eyes.

Brian took my hands, kissed them softly, and proceeded to do the same to the rest of my body. I was shaking again, the memories coming back. “What are you doing?” I asked. He looked up,straight into my eyes. “Loving you,” he said, as a matter of fact. Before I could dwell further, he climbed over me, “Stop thinking,” he commanded and pressed a swift kiss on my nose. I felt his length hard against my belly, while he kissed my head and ran his hands through my hair. He took my right hand and placed it on his buttock. He smiled and kissed my lips, mouths fused, tongues meeting, he entered me with a gentle push. “Unh!” I moaned and I let him in further, feeling him, filling me.

He held my hands in his and positioned it above my head and began rocking into me. His hard length was pulsing in me, while he moved, seeking his pleasure. He moved gently at first, peppering my face with kisses, then his face grew serious and his movements became faster, rougher, like he wanted to consume me. My body was shaking with the power of his thrusts, faster and faster he went. I was going to come. His eye caught my soft breasts, jiggling with the movement. He bent down and pulled one bud into his mouth, sucking it hard. “Aaah,” I moaned in need. He let it out with a pop and started grinding his pelvis to my clit. He again bent and bit my nipple. My body started shaking again, I was squeezing his cock and experiencing my second orgasm. I heard him moaning and knew that he had found his pleasure. He shivered and then collapsed on me.

Breathing hard to catch my breath, I pushed him off and he willingly rolled off but didn’t leave my bed. The next minute he caged me in his arms and said, “Mel, I love you. I loved you before and I love you now.” I hit his hands but he wouldn’t let me go, instead, they tightened around me. “No,” he said. “Why now, Brian? Why now?” I muttered in frustration. “All these years I thought you never loved me. All those promises were empty. You left me, shut me out when we were eighteen. And now you want to come back to break me again?” “No baby, no.” he whispered against my ears, cuddling me. “I just wanted you to live free and not make your choices around me. I knew you would leave your scholarship and follow me. I thought the best way was to move and break all contact. But it wasn’t easy, I missed you and I still do love you. Give me another chance; I will prove it to you. Please.”

I knew there was no one else for me, but him. The boy I loved since I was a kid. I made my decision to give him another chance for me, for us. I nodded and said “Okay”. “Do you love me?” he asked. “Yes, yes, more than anything,” I whispered.

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