I had sex with my 50 year old neighbor

We recently moved to a serene and small town in Ontario. It is a quiet and almost boring place. My husband and I were forced to relocate here because it is nearer to his workplace. Once we had settled in, the days were mostly a monotonous routine. I am Amelia, 34 and this is a […]

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When My Wife And I Took Up Role Play To Get The Ultimate Pleasure

Mary and me had been married for 10 years now. We married right after high school, and even though we loved each other, we were quite bored with our sex life. But then we came across a website that gave us ideas on how to get it on without the vanilla sex. And one day […]

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School Friend

I heard the doorbell ring and my mom’s voice calling me. As soon as I entered the drawing room downstairs, I saw him, Brian, smiling sweetly at my Mom. Brian was my neighbour and high school sweetheart. She asked me to give him company till she got him something to eat. After she left, his […]

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