I had sex with my 50 year old neighbor

We recently moved to a serene and small town in Ontario. It is a quiet and almost boring place. My husband and I were forced to relocate here because it is nearer to his workplace. Once we had settled in, the days were mostly a monotonous routine. I am Amelia, 34 and this is a story of one of my impromptu affairs where I had sex with my 50 year old neighbor.

We had just another house adjacent to us that was almost always empty ever since we shifted. I noticed the lights on once or twice and a burly man walking around at times. He was a peculiar person for I caught him staring at our window at the oddest moments when I went about doing my daily chores. Little did I know my perspective of him is going to change forever.

Things took a different turn after one specific night. It was one of the rare days when my husband wanted to have sex. It lasted for mere minutes and by the end of it I was sitting naked and frustrated while he snored away. I looked up at the window to see with outrage my neighbor staring at our window. As our eyes met, he didn’t bother to look away but grinned instead. Something about his gaze made me shiver with thrill and was confused, I felt that way. His gaze was hungry and lusty and I felt guilty to feel so thrilled but something so disgusting.

The next day I was bit more conscious about the neighbor next door as I went about with my chores. Time and again, I caught him looking at me from his house. I caught myself often imagining the neighbor in place of my husband. It was just an after-affect of the bad sex and a lewd neighbor, I kept reminding myself. May be, my mind was thinking about having sex with my 50 year old neighbor and try him out.

A couple of weeks went by- uneventful and frustrating as ever. I caught myself often imagining the neighbor more frequently. My husband was leaving for a tour that day which would be for three days. I felt lonelier than ever that I have to live alone though I did not miss him exactly. There was a knock on the door that day evening right after I was done with my dinner. I opened the door slightly to see my neighbor poking his head at my direction.

“I haven’t introduced myself since you guys moved in. I made some pie today and thought if you would want them.”

I was surprised by the gesture. There was no hint of awkwardness in his voice that betrayed the glimpses he caught of me in the past few weeks. My actions surprised me even more as I welcomed him inside against my better judgement. This is the first time I saw him up close.

Mister neighbor was around 50 but his body was too fit for his age. His strong-set jawline and buzz cut straw colored hair and playful amber eyes gave him a stern yet boyish demeanor. In short, he was handsome for his age.

I closed the door behind him and asked him to sit down and offered some refreshments. He insisted me to sit beside him as we chatted. Up close and intimate, my mind was racing with lustful thoughts about him- imagining myself in his embrace and having sex with my 50 year old neighbor. His name is Mike. He leaned forward to brush aside a strand of hair from my eyes and breathed, “I envy your husband for you are such a beauty, Amelia.”

Something in his voice was so provocative and before I realized, he was kissing me passionately. I felt his fingers entangle in my hair as he pulled it to expose my throat as he continued to smother kissed down my neckline. A part of me screamed it is so wrong but other part just wanted to let go and enjoy the thrill. He knew what he is doing and I never felt such a rush of heat from another man’s touch. His fingers were rough as he wasted no time and squeezed my boobs hard. I could hear my bra strain and give away under his grip and tear. He pulled off my camisole while I pushed my hands inside his sweatpants and found his hard-on. His dick was impressively thick and big.

He took off his t-shirt in seconds and grabbed my waist to lift me off the sofa and cradle on his lap. He buried his head in my boobs and licked and bit them continuously. I could feel the juices ooze in my pussy as I felt his dick rub over my panty. I wanted to suck him but he wasted no time and pull aside my panty to thrust his dick deep. He was big and gasped for air from the size. He picked me up in that position and held me by the waist as he fucked me hard while we stood in the middle of the living room. He carried me across the room to press me down against the wall while he kept thrusting harder and deeper. I could feel an orgasm built up and could not hold it. He grunted and panted my name in my ear as he kept pushing his dick inside.

I was barely aware that anyone can see us from the windows. At that moment, all I cared about was the orgasm and the fabulous sex I was having after so long. Suddenly I felt his dick vibrate slightly and get tighter in my pussy as warmth spread. He panted and heaved with a final few thrusts and came inside. The warmth and feelings of the ejaculation made me climax almost instantly and I screamed out his name, digging my nails on his shoulder. As I gained back my senses, he was holding me against the wall still, looking in my eyes and smiling. We silently agreed mutually as we gazed into each other’s eyes, that this is just the beginning. As he went off, I helped myself again with my vibrating dildo and smiled remembering everything. The relocation was, after all, not a very bad decision.

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