The new guy in the neighborhood stole my heart

I found out I am gay in my teenage days. Though my family was supportive but had one condition- I should not date in the neighborhood. We lived in a strictly catholic neighborhood which could be a problem. I was not bothered by the condition for none of the boys here ever appealed to me. I am in college now. It’s the summer break and I am back home. As I was catching up on their lives it seemed the latest hot neighborhood gossip was the new family who moved in. They are a family of three- the parents and an unmarried son, supposedly much older to me. I didn’t care much till my mom announced they will be dining with us this evening. That is when I met the new guy in the neighborhood.

When the family arrived that evening, I was curious. The guy was much older- maybe 38 and called Luke. He was handsome and I caught myself fantasizing already. But I remembered the condition and held back. But I was surprised to see him stare at me. I knew that gaze- I have seen that inviting look many times before and my eyes widened in wonder. He knew.

As the families conversed, Luke’s father commented, “I suppose the young ones are getting bored with us. Why don’t Luke and Steve catch up on your own?” (My name is Steve.)

It seemed like an opportunity to me and judging by Luke’s expression, he took this as an opportunity too. I smiled widely, “Sure sir, Luke would you want to see my room? I have plenty of video games to keep us entertained.”

He smiled wider, “I love games. Let’s get going bro.”

We headed upstairs to my room which was in the most isolated corner of the house. As we walked in and I closed the door behind me, Luke turned back and his eyes twinkled, “In a hurry, don’t you think?” I was getting embarrassed thinking he probably minded when he walked right at me and grabbed my head between his palms to kiss me on the lips. It felt hard and soft at the same time. I could almost feel butterflies in my stomach. He whispered, “God you are cute. I have always wanted to meet you ever since we moved to this overly pious neighborhood.”

I was breaking the condition my family set at that moment, but nothing seem to matter more than the warm, firm and muscular embrace of Luke. I whispered back, “Do we have the time?”

He laughed, “Oh its just the beginning. We have enough time for that.”

His deep authoritative voice, domineering nature was bringing out my submissive and pleasing demeanor. I took no time to kneel before him to unzip and pull off his pants. His dick was semi-flaccid and was craving love. I held it firmly in my hand as I massaged it. His eyes were slightly closed and lips parted in pleasure. His dick starting growing within my grip. I put it in my mouth and started deep throating him. In a few minutes, he has pulled me up in a standing position and was caressing my neck and shoulder, ripping aside my t-shirt. He pushed me gently on the bed and in one swift movement, he has pulled off my trainers. As he took off his own shirt, I gazed at awe at his ripped body.

I licked my chest and my nipples, and slowly went down to my navel kissing and caressing and never breaking the eye contact for once in all this time. By now, I have forgotten everything about our parents being downstairs and the condition I was given. He was giving a blowjob and it felt so right.

“Have you ever tried anal before?” He was looking at me from down there and I was enraptured in his gaze. The idea was intriguing. I have penetrated before but never got penetrated. I was curious to feel it, but my partner in college was apprehensive to do it.

I just shook my head and his smiled widened. “You have Lubes?”

I scrambled at the bedside table drawer and pulled out the small bottle of lubricant I kept at home, if the chance ever arrives. I fumbled with the cap and finally got it off and took some in my hand to massage his cock with it. His expression was hungry, “Turn over Steve.”

I obeyed happily. My ass was exposed to him and I could feel the cool slather of the lubricant as he smeared it on my asshole. I got the strange violating sensation as he poked one finger deep in the hole with the lubes and slowly went in and out. It was a guilty pleasure.

He positioned his dick at my asshole and I could be the soft tip. As he tried to push, I felt an unfamiliar pressure, slight pain and a sense of forbidden pleasure. He was not being slow or gentle. He pushed in hard and I felt a stab of pain that almost made me cry out had he not gagged me with his hand. But then as he went slowly in and out in a rhythm it was just pleasure like I never felt before.

I was sex starved since I came home and this chance encounter escalated way to quickly to think it through. I was not going to miss my chance with the new guy in the neighborhood with whom I am compatible. But even if I tried to, all I could think about was the pleasureful sensation spreading through my body. I reached for my own dick and started masturbating as he picked pace while he fucked my ass.

I could feel his convulsions coming even before he came and the thought and the sensation together made me cum hard. He came too and it was such a pleasure as we huddled a bit before the let go. Once we were done, we got dressed and started to come downstairs. I was curious though, “Will I see you again?”

His smile was dazzling, “Always. Let make this work.”

I had a great time with the new guy in the neighborhood that kept my sex life alive.

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