Banged by my love in a beautiful evening

It was 6’o clock in the evening and the sun was setting very beautifully. I had just gotten done with my work by signing the last paper. It was weekends and I couldn’t wait to go home. It had been about 4 months since I and my fiancé finally got married and we can never be more in love.  He said he had something planned for me in the evening but he refused to tell me what it was. With him, even if he just made me watch Netflix the whole weekend with popcorn, I wouldn’t mind unless he is there with me all the time. But I knew I could look forward to a very posh evening. I took my keys and coat and drove home. I got all cleaned and straightened my hair. For him, I don’t mind going overboard and get banged by my love. I put on a crochet vintage top and a mini body con skirt.

Jacob and I use a lot of sex toys and we keep experimenting new things in our bedroom. However, I had always wanted a butt plug, I ordered it online and just got it yesterday. Jacob didn’t know about this. I took it out of the packed box, it had a pointed head and a handle at the back which had a huge pink crystal making it look amazing. I lifted my skirt and inserted the plug slowly in my ass, it was a bit painful in the beginning but it was fine once it was fully in, it wasn’t that uncomfortable. I walked out of my room and I saw a huge bouquet of white flowers lying on the slab. It had all white roses, my favorite. I felt a hand slip around my waist and a head seeping its way into the soft spots of my neck. “Someone’s dressed to impress!” I heard his heavy voice mocking me. His hands slipped further down so before something else could happen I moved away from him and gave him a strange look. “You cannot strip me. We’d never go out if that begins!” I said as a matter of fact. He smirked at that and led me to the elevator.

We had come to one of the posh hotels of the city, the reservations during the weekend were horrific. He sat across me and kept scanning my body lustfully. We ordered a few drinks and spoke about our work schedule. He told me about what happened in his office and I did the same. The drinks had started hitting us, he looked great and he smelt awesome. “I wanna tear off your clothes right now and take the whole of you,” he said in his sexy tone. I wanted his touch that badly as well but somehow I kept quiet. I waited for the time to get banged by my love, mercilessly.

We entered our flat, arms still around each other. I was a bit more high compared to him. He took off his black coat and lifted me the bridal way to our room. Once he put me back on the floor I made him sit on the edge of the bed. “Watch me and….don’t touch until I say!” I love testing his patience. Not getting too close and getting him tempted to make him want me more. I sat on the wooden floor and spread my legs. I slid my skirt and took off my lacy panties, his eyes went wide, “no way!” he said. He noticed the butt plug and I just smiled at the reaction. I slowly slid my fingers inside my pussy, just touching myself and watching him watch me doing things. I put in two fingers and moaned, I got up and walked towards him sitting on his lap. He buried his head in my boobs and I felt his hard dick on my ass.

I took off his shirt and licked his chest, gave him a maroon hickey there. I slipped my hands below and took off his underwear, soon I had him in my mouth. I spat on his cock and moved my tongue around the tip of his penis, getting him wild. Then slowly I started sucking the whole penis and massaged his balls. He held my hairs and I sucked him real hard, like a pro. He got up and made me lie down on the bed. I parted my legs for him and gave him the full entry to my vagina. He went down and started gently playing with my pussy, touching my outer walls and licking my clitoris. I moved my hips up and down to his touch. He put his finger inside my love hole and started fingering me. It was a wonderful feeling but I needed his manhood.

I guided his cock inside my vagina and started fucking. The room was filled with my moans and screams. Our eyes locked and my nails dugged in his back and yet he kept banging me, slapping my ass occasionally. I had been waiting for the whole day to get banged by my love and he is fucking me real real hard. After sometime, he pulled his cock out and pushed it in my mouth.  I wanted to take the whole of his cum and not waste a single drop. He held my head between his palms, his cock still inside my mouth, and moved his hips, deep throating me. His sperms filled my mouth and I swallowed it quickly and got my tongue out. He stroked his penis slowly more to take out the rest of it on my tongue.

I went to the washroom and cleaned myself. When I got back to the room I saw Jacob standing at the edge of our bed, his cock again hard waiting for me. “What are you thinking of doing?” I asked him smiling. “I need more honey!”, he was stroking himself still. ” yes I can see that!” I laid down on the bed. He came to hug me from the back and slept beside me. I got banged by my love two more times that night and I feel lucky to have him in my life.

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