My rendezvous with the coveted neighborhood hunk

I had been living in the quite neighborhood of Bloordale village since birth. My name is Janice. Being an introvert, I never had many friends and generally considered the nerd in the neighborhood. Elliot lived a few houses down the street and we have grown up together, going to the same school. He had always been the popular guy and the most handsome one that every girl crushed on. I crushed on him for a long time in school and eventually moved out of town for my college. But, the story was going to revolve back on my neighborhood hunk again.

I came back home after 5 years now. A lot had changed since then. As I was walking down the street, I saw this incredibly handsome neighborhood hunk guy coming towards me from the opposite direction. I knew in an instance it was Elliot. As we drew closer, he stared wide-eyed at me but crossed by without saying anything. Later that day, I got a request on Facebook from him. He had recognized me!

“Hi, Janice. I can’t believe how much you have changed since high school. How are you?”

I was happy but I knew he only texted me because I didn’t look like the neighborhood nerd anymore. I decided to get along with the show anyway.

“I am fine. I remember you, Elliot. It is nice to get to know you after these many years”

“Let’s catch, up- what do you say?”

I agreed and we made plans for the coming weekend. Our dates hit off on a positive note. He was more than a handsome face and we got along very well. In the next couple of weeks, we proceeded to plan a home-date at my place. Though I crushed on him in school, today as a woman I was realizing all I wanted was satiate my sexual desires for him.

He came home right on time. I was gushing as I opened the door but composed myself before letting him in. Our conversation was as lively as ever. He was sitting close by on the sofa and I could see every freckle around his nose clearly. He was talking about his college and I could not hold back any longer. I moved forward to kiss him. As our lips met, I could feel his surprise but I drew closer nevertheless. And then he was kissing me back almost fiercely. It took seconds to undress each other next. I could not have enough of enough of his body. His perfection was mind-boggling. I held him closer and felt his hard but warm chest rubbing against mine.

He was kissing my neck and collarbone and moving lower still. Next, he sucked my nipples and bit my left boobs while crushing the right one with his hand. I ran my fingers through his wavy auburn hair. He was cherishing my body. I felt his breathe on my belly button as he moved lower still. I was moaning with pleasure. I murmured, “Go down on me Elliot,” as I spread my legs slightly for him. He got the indication and kissed my vagina. Then he flicked his tongue on my clitoris and kept licking the length of it.

I was on seventh heaven as he licked and then started fingering me with one hand while grabbing one of my boobs with the other. I was almost about to cum when he tried to let go. I held down his head, grabbing his hair and gyrated my butt upwards towards his mouth. He kept licking till I orgasmed hard and convulsed under him. I was still weak at my knees when he walked around the sofa at my head holding his dick dangling at me. I craned my neck to suck his dick while massaging my boobs with my hand. He moved his dick in and out of my mouth gagging me over its length. It was bigger and thicker than any dick I had ever seen before.

I could feel him getting harder in my mouth. Suddenly he withdrew and pounced on top of me. I was ready and heaved my butt upwards to let him insert quickly. He did without waiting one minute. He was thrusting hard and fast and I egged him on. It was a feeling I had never experienced before. He was good. We changed positions in between and was on top of him. I could see his excited face clearly and it was obvious he would not be able to hold back any longer. I thrusted repeatedly keeping my hands on his chest and then he came. He gripped my waist hard and kept me in position as he came inside me and moaned while he did so. Once he had orgasmed, I slumped on top of him.

We lied down in that position for some time as he wrapped his arms tightly around me while I snuggled his neck. I was softly planting kisses on his neck and behind his ears while he breathed deeply in containment. We kept kissing and snuggling each other and smiling like teenagers. As we did so, I could feel his dick hardening once more. It made me giggle.

“I guess your little brother is pretty demanding. He can’t wait to get some more love.”

“It is up to you to take care of him, Janice. Won’t you?”

I pulled up my naughtiest smile and went down on him without breaking our eye-contact. As I took his boner in my mouth, I saw his eyes widening and a smile broke across his face. I sucked hard. I kept caressing his balls and licking the length of his boner while he breathed heavily letting out a moan of pleasure now and then. It was not long before he spasmed and orgasmed once more. This time, it was in my mouth. He tasted salty and tangy. I swallowed it up whole and smiled up at him. My neighborhood hunk gave me more than what I wanted.

He looked shocked and surprised.

“Whoever called you a nerd at school got it all so wrong. You are one amazingly kinky woman Janice.” We smiled at each other and I knew in my heart, there are many more such days to come with my neighborhood hunk.

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