The new guy in the neighborhood stole my heart

I found out I am gay in my teenage days. Though my family was supportive but had one condition- I should not date in the neighborhood. We lived in a strictly catholic neighborhood which could be a problem. I was not bothered by the condition for none of the boys here ever appealed to me. I […]

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When I found out that I was gay

Hello everyone. I am Eric and I am in high school. My sister has a friend named Damien who came to visit us last week. My sister met him in boarding school and so, I was just meeting him for the first time. Meeting Damien changed my life and I could discover my taste of […]

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My Friend Sam- The touch of a Manhood

It was my second year in college and so was of my new roommate Sam. However, our streams were different. Though I knew him since the first year but never had an interaction with him. He was 6’, fair and had a strong athletic-built as he played basketball. Soon after shifting with him, I came […]

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