Fucked into the night by my dad’s best friend

My dad’s best friend was gay and everyone accepted him that way. I was barely 18 and I knew I liked guys. But I hadn’t come out to anyone. Ray was in his mid-fifties; muscular body and he wore glasses. Something about his looks made me hard. I had never fucked a girl and I wasn’t interested. But I did want to have sex. And I didn’t know it but Ray would show me how good fucking could be. I got fucked into the night with someone mature like him.

One night my parents were away and Ray had agreed to watch me. Although I didn’t need it, I was small for my age and parents thought that I wouldn’t be safe alone. That night as I was laying in bed, Ray came in. I got up and he said, “Let me look at you.” He was moving his hands over my torso, touching me and I took the chance. I leaned forward and kissed his lips. Then his grip tightened on my waist as he pulled me closer. I kissed him again and found his tongue. He wanted to tongue kiss me! I opened my mouth and let his tongue in, kissing and licking, sucking and biting. Then I felt his hands on my ass and cock.

He was gently pressing my cock, making it harder. I held on to him and kissed him again. Our cocks touched and I ground mine against his. It was a feeling like no other. My shirt was off along with his and he put his hands inside my pants. I felt his warm palm against my cock and balls. I ground against his palm and moved my body like I wanted to fuck his hand. He smiled and held my cock tightly as I pumped.

Then off came my trousers and his clothes as well. He had a large cock and he said,” You will take that into your mouth and suck me.” It was hot. He was touching my cock again. Compared to his dick, mine was skinnier and smaller. He went down on his knees, while pulling down my underwear. Now I was completely naked. He took my cock in his hands again and licked the head. Then he took it completely into his mouth. He was sucking the tip and the length like it was a lollipop. I was moaning in pleasure, “Ahhh, oohhh, yes.”  I didn’t want him to stop and I told him so. He just took my cock deeper into his mouth and kept sucking me. The suction around my length was giving me immense pleasure.

Then he stopped and got up. He pushed me down on my knees. I licked his bulbous head and massaged his balls. He held my head and began fucking my mouth. His cock head was touching the opening of my throat I was gagging and he seemed to enjoy it. “Choking on my cock pretty boy?” he laughed. I was then put on my fours, kneeling. He parted my butt cheeks to get to my asshole. He parted them and licked the anus. He was licking me there as he held on to my dick. He was milking my dick like you milk a cow’s teat and at the same time, he was also pressing my balls. And if I moved when he licked my ass, I could feel the pull on my cock.

It was then that I felt something cool in my asshole. He was adding lube so my first time would be easier.   He pushed the liquid inside with his thick fingers and massaged my anal cavity. Then I lay on my back as he pushed his thick cock in my as. It was stretching my hole and I was crying, asking him to stop. But he didn’t. Soon he was in and then he stopped. He bent down and kissed my lips, distracting me from my pain. Then when I felt better, he started fucking me. In and out his cock pistoned through my anus. I was loving that feeling now.

After that, we changed positions, doggy style. I stood in front of my bed and raised my left leg on it. Then Ray pushed his penis inside my hole again. He was fucking my steadily now and this position allowed me to touch myself. I was pressing and rubbing my cock as he pounded into my asshole. I was feeling raw and excited, being fucked while I touched myself. And then I felt it. It rose within me and soon semen shot out from my cock. I moaned and my asshole contracted in pleasure. Ray moaned as well and I could feel him emptying his load in me. I could also feel the sticky cum leaking out of my ass.

That was a hot night and he fucked me again later. Ray was my first and he taught me a lot about accepting myself, my feelings of liking men.

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