The Best Romantic Vacation Ever

Backpacking and going for solo trips at least once a year is a passion for me. I have travelled to many places all over the world. Recently I went for a trip to Austria. This was perhaps most fascinating trip I ever had. I am going to share with you some of the memorable experience from my trip. Before that, let me introduce myself. I am Adrian and I am based on Chicago. I work as a travel blogger and hence I get to travel to many places. My latest plan was at Austria. Usually, I travel alone but finding good company on the way is not unlikely. In fact, I have occasionally had my share of flings and hook-ups when I travel. I look forward to them. But this time, I met the most amazing woman while I was there and it became the best romantic vacation I ever had.

I had opted for an Airbnb at Salzburg. The owner was the most liberal old lady who simply handed me the keys and went away. She had no rules or restrictions to share and simply asked me to enjoy my stay. I settled down and started exploring the city. I had already been travelling all over Austria for last couple of weeks and wanted some quiet me-time while at Salzburg. So, I simply ventured to explore the locality and click some pictures for my blog.

In the evening after coming back to my room, I started checking the internet randomly. I searched for sex in Austria looking forward to date around while I was here. But I came across an escort service website instead. The few pictures on display caught my attention. One of the girls in the homepage was so pretty. She had strawberry blonde hair and the most innocent face. I decided to try my luck and connect with them. I asked about her and found out her name is Laura. The best thing is she was available for the evening and so I booked her. I had not expected that this meeting would change everything and this would become the best romantic vacation.

After a couple of hours, I heard a knock on my door. I opened it and there she was. The girl was true to her vibes and dressed in a cute and charming manner. I welcomed her in and we started chatting over a glass of wine. I found out she was a student who worked in this profession for extra money and fun. We were vibing well and I finally got comfortable. I moved a little closer to her as she spoke.

She did not miss the gesture and leaned forward and kissed me. It was a sweet little peck on my lips but I was thrilled by her touch. I embraced her and we started kissing passionately. I picked her up and moved to the bedroom. As I put her down on the bed, she hopped off and grabbed the front of my pant. She quickly unzipped it and pulled my pants down. I already had a hard-on and she grabbed her it.

She started stroking it and popped it into her mouth. I almost groaned with pleasure as she started sucking me. I could feel my pre-cum leaking. I could not hold it anymore and picked her up and put her on the bed. I quickly removed her shorts and her top. Her breasts were so round and white. Her nipple was almost pink. I quickly got down and started sucking her nipples and squeezing them.

Then I moved down her body while kissing her relentlessly. Her clitoris was already wet and I licked her. It was slightly salty and had a musky scent. I greedily licked her while she grabbed my hair and pushed my head down in-between her thighs. My dick was painfully hard now and I could not resist anymore. I got up quickly and buried my face in her neck and climbed on her. I slowly put in my dick and then started going on in a rhythm. She was moaning slightly under me and I could see that she was ecstatic with pleasure. I started going faster and felt her nail dig on my shoulders.

She was getting really wet but her pussy was so tight. After fucking her for almost half an hour, she was clenching me tightly and I realised she is about to climax. Once she had climaxed, I flipped her over and made her lie on her chest. Then I started fucking her from behind and went as deep as I can. I was merciless as I went on and on and fucked her so hard. Her boobs jiggled and she was crying out gibberish. She wanted me to go even harder. I did as she asked in another fifteen minutes, she was orgasming again. I could feel the slosh of warm liquid squirt out as I was inside her. I was so turned on and knew I cannot hold back too long.

After another ten minutes, I was on the verge of orgasming and hence slowed down. But I could not hold anymore. I quickly withdrew and made her turn towards me. She knew what was coming and quickly sat up and expectantly opened her mouth. She wanted me to climax on her face and in her mouth! I did and saw her beautiful face get drenched with my juices as she smacked her lips and drank it all.

She smiled and sat down cross-legged on the bed. she wiped off the excess juices from her chin and nose and sucked her thumb. I could not believe she was so kinky. Her face was misleading. She grinned widely and hopped off the bed to get cleaned up. Once she was done, she came back and we lied down together and cuddled. We talked a bit and I could feel my dick stirring once more. I looked at her and she smiled. I was experienced enough to know she wanted it more just like I do. That was the best romantic vacation I had in last couple of years.

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