Self pleasure and hookup is what I need

Being a single woman in your late thirties is hard. But it is harder when you have a bunch of married friends discussing their latest affairs or sexual escapades with their husbands during every gathering. I have always been career-oriented and ambitious. I am a crime journalist. My hectic work life never gave me the opportunity to explore love deeply enough to marry and I do not care for arranged marriage. It had been months since my last sexual partner left heart-broken because I do not plan to settle down. These days, I had been relying a lot on self pleasure while watching an erotic movie. I would often imagine myself as one of those character’s with any of my favorite pornstar. At night I would crave someone to hold me and by day, I was back to my badass self.

Ryan came in my life like rain in a desert at this point in life. It was a Friday evening- a rare one when I was in town and had no assignments to run after. Megan, my school buddy invited me for a get-together she was organizing at her place. Once I was at her doorstep and rang the bell, a tall and blonde guy opened the door. He had striking features and a bad guy vibe. But something about him was really appealing. Turns out, he is Ryan- Megan’s brother-in-law. He had come down to our home town after a long time and was from the Navy.

That evening, after many years, I had a really good time among my friends mainly because of him. While my friends were busy discussing their sex life, we talked about everything and anything we can think of under the sun. Soon, we were making plans for date and frequently met up whenever we can. After about a month of dating, we decided to take things to the next level. So far, we had only discussed about the many things we fantasize. That’s when I found out, he has a fetish for sex toys. I have always wondered how to use a clit clamp. Though I had one in my collection, I never tried it out for self pleasure.

When I told him, his eyes glinted mischievously. That evening, he came over to my place. He was looking ravishing. Once he stepped over the threshold, he grabbed me in a bear hug and lifted me off the floor and we kissed. He carried me to the bedroom and put me down on the bed. He asked where do I keep my toys and I pointed him towards the drawers; he winked, “You are in for some surprise babes.” I laid down looking at him, while he went through my drawers and came back with a spreader bar and the clit clamps.

He slowly kissed me and took off my t-shirt. He caressed my neck and went down to my boobs and lightly licked and bit them. Then he pulled off my shorts and slid his hand inside my panty. He was stimulating my clitoris and kept it up till I was wet. Then he pulled off my panties and took off the bra. I laid naked- my boobs had spilled out on the sides and he was sucking on one of them while pressing the other. I moaned slightly as he kept teasing. Then he spread my legs and locked my ankles on the bar. He did the same to my wrists as well. I used to feel the same way during self pleasure using my toys but this was even better.

I was naked and locked on the bed in a helpless position. My breasts were pushed up by my arms and my vagina was completely exposed. Then he took the clit clamps and placed it on either side of the clit. First it was painful but once the initial pain had subsided, it felt very stimulating. He tugged the chain connecting the clamps to test the pressure and I yelped. He smiled and slightly tightened the chain to increase the tension.

Then the torture began. He took off his pants to reveal a rock-hard boner. He was at least 7 inches long and really thick. He kept rubbing the head on my vagina and I shivered. The more I shivered, the chains got tighter and I felt an intense pleasurable pressure on my clitoris. He was driving me crazy with his teasing and I doubted if I could hold it back much longer. He would occasionally press and suck my boobs while continuously teasing me with his cock. After some time, I could not hold back anymore and orgasmed hard.

As I was orgasming, the chain would pull at my clit and the clamps tightened. That just prolonged the orgasm and I shook and thrashed on the bed for a long time. as I lay panting from the intensity of the orgasm, he took of the clamps. I felt a sharp pain when he took them off and blood rushed through the place. Then he kissed and licked my clitoris a bit and I was getting wet once more. Once I was wet enough, he rammed his dick inside my vagina and started fucking me really fast.

I was craving him but he got started when I least expected it. It took me by surprise but I loved the experience nevertheless. He kept going on and on for almost an hour in that position. I could feel his penis hitting my g-spot every time. I was on the verge or climaxing again. He sensed it too and egged me on to climax while he was inside me. I must admit he was great at pillow talk. In another couple of minutes, I was climaxing hard once again and drenched his dick. He climaxed nearly at the same time and I felt a gush of hot juices filling up my vagina. Once we were both done, he unlocked the spreader bar and I lay down limply. He slid into the bed and held me close and kissed me. We decided to call it a night. I might meet him if I get bored of self pleasure.

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