I lost my virginity the first night of marriage

I am 34 years old- an Indian male living in the US. My name is Abhijeet. Deprived of romance since my late teens, I finally settled for arranged marriage. Mind you, my experience with girls was limited to one rejection during my college days and that is it. I had tried out dating sites with no luck. Finally in the arrange marriage scenario, the first girl who showed enthusiasm about me is about to become my wife. I count myself lucky that I found her. But the first night after marriage was nothing like I imagined- here I will be sharing with you my story and hopefully, all the virgin guys out there may find some insights that will keep their expectations realistic.

As the day of the marriage approached, I started getting hornier and nervous about sex. I knew she is a virgin too- at least that is what she claimed. Nevertheless, I started taking every step possible to make sure I perform satisfactorily. I even signed up for live cam sex to see what girls do to be more seductive. In fact, I ended up getting addicted to these sights and the beautiful women out there who serenade you about your manliness as they seduce you on camera.

Finally, the big day came and after hours of fasting and rituals the marriage ceremony was done in the traditional Indian way. Throughout this time, all I could think was,” I finally get laid tonight”. My friends probably thought the same too as they hid packets of condom under the pillow in my nuptial bedroom. When I finally could shake them off and entered, she was already there- sitting on the bed.

I will keep her name a secret but at that moment I felt she is the prettiest woman in existence. She had big and round eyes and was a bit healthy. But her boobs were to die for- they must be at least 38D. They looked on the verge of popping out of the blouse. I walked up to her shyly and sat at the edge of the bed. She looked up through those intense lashes. I did not know what to say her, when the past few days before marriage all we had done was talk- more like I talked while she listened.

I moved forward a bit and awkwardly kissed her once. I checked her reaction and saw she was smiling. So, I kissed her again. This time, she responded and wrapper her arms around my neck as we kept on kissing. The bridal attire was a mess to get rid of. But I finally managed to unpin everything and open it. she stood before me with a face full-of bridal makeup but in her bra and panty. She is extremely curvy and I could feel my dick hardening up already.

I started taking off my clothes and invited her to bed. Once I was naked in front of her, she kneeled down between my legs and sucked my cock. This was the first time ever I felt a woman’s mouth around my cock. I had nothing to compare with but it felt divine. She continued to suck and I grabbed her boobs in the meantime. I had already forgotten all about my addiction to virtual girls- I had a real one giving me a blowjob right now!

I held her and made her get off her knees and gently laid her down on the bed. It was my turn now to pleasure her. I started by kissing her neck and then went down to her boobs. The were huge and fluffy, popping out from the top of the bra. I unhooked the bra and let them spill out. Then I buried my face in between them and kissed and sucked. She was moaning slightly as I did so. I reached another hand down to her panties and took it off.

Then I started fondling her clitoris. By this time, I was really hard and could not hold back any more and wanted to fuck her. I forgot all about the condoms under the pillow and positioned my bare dick at her vagina. Then I gave a hard thrust and drove it in. A lot of things happened together. My wife let out a blood-curdling cry and I felt a stabbing pain on my dick. When I took it out, the shaft was covered in blood.

Turns out, my wife was really a virgin and I was a little too enthusiastic about deflowering her during our first night. My dick was numbing and going down already and my wife looked reproachfully at me. I started shagging my dick make it hard again and smiled sheepishly at her. Once it was hard, I tried again, this time very gently. She was really scared and tight worrying about the pain but once I was inside her, she seemed to love it.

I started thrusting slowly in and out of her vagina. Soon I picked up pace and started banging her. I could not resist going wild as I experienced the tightening of the pussy around my dick the first time in my life. Her boobs were jiggling crazily as I kept thrusting hard. The motion of the soft flesh was turning me on even more and I could not hold back anymore. In another ten minutes, I had orgasmed hard and filled her pussy with my juices.

I climbed off her and rolled on my back at her side. As I panted and huffed, I looked at her, she was looking at me with a sour expression. I was not sure about what was bothering her and then I realized she had not orgasmed yet. I went down immediately on my knees and buried my face in her vagina. I started licking her and sucking on her clits and soon she was moaning loudly. In a few minutes, I felt a load of hot liquid gushing on my face as she orgasmed hard. I lost my virginity during my first night which was late but it was awesome.

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