Bachelorette party brought in surprises for the gay man

It was my best friend Kevin’s wedding in a week. Our group of friends had decided to have a bachelorette vacation in Miami. I am Fred. In my group, I am the only gay man but my friends has always been very accepting and non-judgmental of my preferences. So, as we boarded the plane for Miami, beside teasing Kevin about flings I also had my share of teasing about finding new love. I was mortified but secretly wished it was true. I had no idea back then I was going to get something even better.

Being a gay man, finding love has always been tricky. It was so tricky in fact, I had resorted to finding sex rather than love, because that was equally rare. I joined various dating sites and even homosexual groups. Finding a partner was a matter of luck. In fact, the last time I had sex was almost 4 months back. I was hoping something happens in Miami. Once we were there and had checked into our rooms, it was time to prepare for the first bout of celebration for Kevin. We had arranged for some strippers for him. As everyone freshened up in their rooms, I decided to try my luck with Men Cams here. I even found a couple of guys nearby who were interested. But I decided to focus on my best friend’s big day for the time being.

In the evening once the strippers were here, Kevin’s glee knew no bound. He was so excited. The show went on for a couple of hours. The girls did not interest me though one particular tried really hard. When I was clearing their payments, she slipped a note to me. it had a phone number and said, “Call here- you will get lucky. Trust me. Shae”

It was cryptic and it definitely irked my curiosity. I decided to dial the number. A guy answered. I mumbled and said Shae gave me the number and said I will get lucky if I called. The guy laughed and introduced himself as Ross. He was a male gay stripper. Now I got the hint that Shae gave. I hesitantly asked him if he would like to have a drink with me. He laughed even harder and then composed himself and said, “Why not? But how about doing that in your room?”

I was happy and agreed to meet him that night. Around 10 PM at night Ross turned up at my doorstep. He had a couple of beers in hand. Ross was really handsome- way better than a regular male stripper. His body was like curved stone and his face was angelic. His blue eyes shimmered mischievously as he checked me out.

“Not bad for a regular homely guy- you are cute.” He said as I blushed. Soon we were sitting and finishing up the beer. I was wondering how to make the first move when he came forward and kissed my lips. I responded a little too vigorously. Ross slowly moved down to my neck and chest and then pushed me slightly so I fell back on the couch. He went down and started to pull down my trainers. I was already having an impressive boner and he started sucking on it. I looked at him and saw him enjoying my dick in his mouth immensely.

He sucked and sucked till I started moaning and shivering. I was almost getting on the verge of climaxing when he stopped. He caressed my balls till I gained back control and started sucking me again. He did this a couple of time till I got frustrated with the teasing. I wanted his dick down my asshole badly. I begged him for it. He smiled and asked me to turn around. I eagerly did so and was on all-fours with my ass in the air and looked back at him. He playfully swatted my ass and I yelped. Then he took out a lubricant from his pocket and smeared my ass with it.

The cool gel trickled to my balls and felt a slightly numbing sensation spread around my ass and dick. Then he positioned himself and I felt him rubbing the dick on my asshole. Slowly he worked it up and pushed it through inch by inch. His dick was huge and I felt my ass tightening up around it. The feeling was slightly painful but I enjoyed it so much. He started slowly thrusting up my ass. Then after sometime, he picked up pace and soon was pounding it.

As he kept pounding my ass, with one had he kept shagging my dick. It was a heavenly feeling. After some time- probably 20 minutes or so he stopped. I was almost climaxing. He turned me over once more and started sucking my dick. This time, he was using his fingers to dig into my ass while he sucked me. I could not hold it in anymore and orgasmed in his mouth. He gulped all of it. I quickly kissed him and then made him lie down. It was my turn now.

Ross’s dick was at least an 8 incher and really thick. I had a hard time putting it entirely in my mouth. But I managed and then sucked him hard. In some time, he was moaning and shoving his dick even deeper down my throat. With one last shove, he was down my throat and I felt a gush of hot liquid pour in. I was choking on the length and the amount of love juices he had put down my throat. Once he was down, I drank it all up and looked at him. He was wide eyed and smiling with satisfaction. I asked him to stay that night and he did. We cuddled and got to know each other some more. I slept snuggling him that night and knew this is going to last beyond this trip.

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