I knocked on her front door and came in her back door

My name is John, I am a salesman that sells double-glazing. It’s a tough job because I deal with a lot of rejection on a daily basis. I go door-to-door, so the weather can literally be a drag. Having said that, sometimes we catch people with their guard down, especially in the summer when it’s […]

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How I lost my virginity to a stranger at 25 and loved the sex

I was 25 and yet, I had not lost my virginity. I have been listening to my friends since I was 19. My school friends lost it then and, my college friends had also lost it by 21. I was the only one left out. After I turned 25, I was depressed about never experiencing […]

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The night I snuck into my boyfriend’s bed and seduced him innocently

I had slept with my boyfriend of one year only once. I was a girl who liked sex, but he was shy or he didn’t know how much I wanted it, I wasn’t sure. But he never tried to get in the sack with me again. I knew he got hard when we made out […]

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