I knocked on her front door and came in her back door

My name is John, I am a salesman that sells double-glazing. It’s a tough job because I deal with a lot of rejection on a daily basis. I go door-to-door, so the weather can literally be a drag. Having said that, sometimes we catch people with their guard down, especially in the summer when it’s really hot because not everyone has air conditioning. That means, when it’s hot, the clothes come off. There have been many occasions where women have answered the door in their bikinis or towels. Sometimes, it’s hard to know where to look. I think some women enjoy that though, to see a young guy all flustered at her door and for me the opportunity to get her back door was utter luck.

There was this one time that I knocked at a door and got more than I bargained for. There was no answer at first, but I held out because I could see through the window that a woman in a yellow bikini was hosing herself down in her garden. I must have been there for 5 minutes, just waiting for her to come into the house to hear me knocking. I am sure the neighbours thought I was a bailiff or something. Luckily, the windows at the front of the house were opaque because of condensation, so I had a good excuse.

Anyway, she finally came into the house, so I gave another knock. I could hear her talking rather excitedly saying, “Someone’s at my door”. She opened the door, phone in one hand, cocktail in the other. It was a Wednesday, so I was surprised to see her drinking.

“Hello, my name is John, I work for” – “Have you got my package?”, she interrupted. “Erm, no I don’t”, I replied. I could see she was a little tipsy but still had her wits about her. It looked like I caught her at that merry point of her drinking. She turned back to the person on the phone and said “Sorry Jenny, looks like your birthday gift hasn’t arrived yet. Let me call you back, there’s a dashing young man at my door”. Well, there’s a result.

I wished her a happy birthday and tried to explain why I was there, pointing at the condensation on her window. She was just being silly and said “Sorry about that, it just gets a bit steamy in here. Speaking of which, aren’t you hot in those clothes?”. I laughed and said, I was a little, and tried to continue the conversation, but again she interrupted to tell me that it was her birthday and she was expecting her friends around later but wanted to start the party early. She invited me in for a drink and I couldn’t resist. That was the beginning of her back door entry for me.

She poured me a cocktail and reiterated that she thought I had her package and felt disappointed that I didn’t. I smiled and told her that I do have a nice package, but I don’t usually give it to strangers. She laughed and said, “But, it’s my birthday”. I couldn’t really argue with that, so I said, “Well, shouldn’t you be in your birthday suit then”? Again, she laughed and took another swig of her drink.

I see, “Well didn’t you say you’re into double-glazing?“, she asked. “How would you like to see my cat-flap? Can you glaze that?”. It felt like it was my birthday too. I told her that I would love to see her cat flap, but before I could even finish my sentence, she had undone her bikini top to reveal her smallish pert breasts. I say small, but they were more than a handful. They had clearly been out in the sun because they were perfectly tanned. Her nipples were hard and pointy, dead center and staring at me. She stood before me proudly. “Well don’t just stand there, I want to see that package of yours”. I put down my drink, walked over and grabbed her. We kissed passionately. I could taste ‘sex on the beach’ on her lips and I knew I was going to get the next best thing – sex on the couch. Ok, it’s not a substitute, but I won’t complain. May be I will get front and her back door?

I reached down to stroke her pussy and she was wet, very wet. She was groping my cock and ordered me to take my clothes off. I began taking my shirt off and she peeled down her knickers to reveal her perfectly maintained pussy. She kicked them off and again stood there proudly looking at me. I was stuck between trying to check out her hot curves and taking my clothes off. She giggled. The moment I was undressed, she pushed me onto the recliner chair in her living room and climbed on top of me.

We were kissing and then she stood up onto the chair, so her pussy was right beside my face. I had to taste it. She sighed as I began licking her clit and then she grabbed my face and began grinding her pussy up and down my chin. I struggled to breathe, but again, I wasn’t complaining.

Then, she did something I will never forget: she placed each of her legs on each side of the recliner and placed her hands on my shoulder, lowering herself onto my stiff cock as she did so. With her legs perfectly positioned and her weight balanced on me, she began to ride my cock like a rodeo. Scrap sex on the beach, sand has nothing on this. She moved up and down, ground around, relieving her itch on my cock. She was sucking me deep into her pussy, where she wanted me.

Just when I thought it couldn’t get any better, she stopped, turned around, stood down onto the floor and told me to hang my pelvis off the seat. I had no idea what was coming, but it was clear she had done this before. She told me to thrust forwards and hold that position, while she lowered herself onto my cock, and using the armrests to hold herself up, she bobbed up and down on my cock, thrusting back and forth. It was incredible, I felt like I was the star in a VR Porn movie.

Her movements were sensuous and I tried to feel up her breasts as she got what she wanted. I felt squeezed and smushed by her spasming pussy. I could not take it and within 7 or 8 strokes, I exploded, glazing her wet pussy with my white cum as it dripped from her pussy.

I may not have gotten the sale, or even her name, but I got one hell of a ride. Amazingly her front door of the house and her back door are beautiful. Happy birthday, stranger.

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