Meeting the hot male escort on a pleasure weekend – Part 1

I was a successful single woman and I found it difficult to get a partner who was progressive and chilled. As I was single and whenever I needed sex, I would call up a hot male escort service in my city. They catered to elite clients and often sent out men to service clients on holidays as well. And this is what I planned for my special weekend.

Brian arrived sharp at 10 pm on Friday. I had checked into the resort and I wanted to get into the swing tonight. Brian was hot – lean with defined muscles. He was currently sporting a beard and I already liked that. I let him into my room and asked him to get comfortable. I had ordered dinner and we talked while eating. Once the meal was done, we got ready for bed – I mean action on the bed. He was the perfect hot male escort who made me comfortable too.

I was sitting on the bed, watching him as he took off his shorts and shirt and came over. He lifted my shirt and began kissing my belly. He licked my belly button and placed a kiss over my panties. Then he pulled down the panties and threw them off somewhere. But before that, I wanted him to touch my breasts. I called him up and removed my nightshirt. I was naked beneath and I saw that his eyes were drawn to my boobs. He immediately came up and started to lick my nipples. “Suck it,” I told him and he obeyed. He began to suck on my nipples and I enjoyed his tongue on me.

He began licking my left nipple and as soon as he covered it to suck on it, I felt his beard rub over my areolas. That generated electric shocks in my body and I pulled him closer. He rubbed his beard over my boobs again and gently nibbled on it. He knew what he was doing and was taking pleasure in doing so. I clutched at his head, wrapping my legs around his waist. I could feel his cock near my pussy and I began to grind against him.

She sucked my nipple one last time and slowly moved down my body. He licked my nether region, exciting me way more. He parted my folds, to expose my clit and blew on it. He kissed it, licking me and then sucking on it. It was gentle yet firm. I could feel each pull as he sucked on me and I leaked a little. I felt his teeth on my clit and wanted to bring my legs together, but he held them apart, spread them out and gently nibbling it. As he was licking me, I felt his fingers probing my pussy.

He pushed in two fingers and felt my channel. I experienced pleasure as he found my g-spot and played with it. His ministration – sucking my clit and rubbing my g-spot, made me feel so good. Mmmmm, I couldn’t hold it in anymore. I let out a scream, shaking and gushing in pleasure.

“Give me your dick,” I commanded and he covered himself in a condom. His dick was thick and long, erect – looking like a sword. I leisurely laid back and spread my legs showing him my pussy. “Do you want to pound my wet cunt?” I asked him and laughed. Brian came in closer and used his cock to hit my swollen clit. “Ahh!” I moaned in shock and pleasure when he did that again and again. He pushed in his dick slowly and I could feel him as he moved in inch by inch. My pussy was stretched when he pushed in completely.

His cock was thick and I felt full. He pulled out and then pushed in again. He established a pace – fucking me – thrusting in and out of me. Each of his thrusts shook the bed and he squeezed my boobs as he fucked me. He began to rock harder and I felt completely swollen. He held my boob in one hand, pressing it, fucking me and played with my clit with the other. Then suddenly he pressed down on my clit and his cock bumped against my g-spot and I came. I squirted again, gushing and watching him look at his cock and my liquid with glee.

He grunted a few times and then went still. I think he had cum and I saw the evidence when he pulled out. The condom was full. I was exhausted, so I fell into a deep comfortable sleep. Sex with the hot male escort was satisfying for me, but it was not yet over.

Wait for part 2 of this story!

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