Copping a feel – An Extra Marital Affair

I was waiting for Addy to walk out of her house. She didn’t know I was here. I had met her through my friend who had taken me to a party. Addy was his escort, from one of the top escorts, but at the end of the night, I took her home. I am a cop and I don’t frequently attend high-class events but thank god I did that day and found her. Oh yes that was an extra marital affair.

She walks out, ready to go. I step out of my police car and she is startled but comes into my arms easily. I give her a kiss and soak in her feel and sweet smell. I drive her to the store where she works and park. I look at the time and see that there are 45 minutes left for her shift to begin. I grin and pull her close, kissing her hard as she moans in my grip.

extra marital affair

We both part for a second, breathless. Then I push back my seat and bring her over my lap. Her skirt hikes up exposing her creamy thighs and I run my hands over it. I want to touch her at her most intimate place and hope she will let me. She does. My fingers skim over her panties as she holds her breath. I kiss her again, finding her tongue and showing what I want to do to her body. Our kiss is ravenous and I cannot stop my dick from hardening against her ass.

I pop open her buttons one by one as I circle her clit, moving her panties aside. Her breasts literally fall out of her bra. “Is this what you wear under your clothes Addy?” I ask and she nods. “Is it for my eyes only?” I growl and she nods vigorously. I moan and kiss the tops of her breasts and run my tongue along her curves. I unclasp her bra to free her boobs and lick them. My fingers push into her tight channel as I positively make out with her tits.

I am plunging in and out of her cunt as her liquids seep out and she is holding my face to her ample bosom. Her breasts are covered in tiny little love bites that I give to claim her as mine. Soon she comes screaming and thrashing. She then reaches for my cock and grins saucily saying, “I want to cop a feel,” a reference to my profession.

“Naughty girl!” I growl and bite her nipple as she squeals and grinds on my cock. She releases the dick from my pants and rubs it with her palm. He is hard and ready, wanting her hot pussy. So I lift her up and push my dick inside and she seats on me completely. She begins to ride me and I feel the most exquisite kind of pleasure from her rocking and grinding. Though I have had many sexual adventures and extra marital affair, but this one among one of the best sex I was having.

I grab her ass and control her movements so I don’t come too soon. We move with each other fucking, making love, until I know I can’t hold back any longer. I begin thrusting into her from below and suck on her nipples. After a while, I rub her clit and she screams in orgasm. Her pussy is working on me. I spill inside her pussy, coating her womb with my seed.

When we calm down and get decently covered, I hold her face and kiss long and slow. Although my body wants her, this is more than physical attraction. I thank my friend for taking me to the party that was thrown by the top Melbourne Brothels for Asian girls, where I found my Addy.

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