The Best Romantic Vacation Ever

Backpacking and going for solo trips at least once a year is a passion for me. I have travelled to many places all over the world. Recently I went for a trip to Austria. This was perhaps most fascinating trip I ever had. I am going to share with you some of the memorable experience […]

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Mutual Affair with the Would-Be Sister-In-Law

My name is Michael. A tall, blonde and muscular guy of 32 years, I have been doing well for myself in New York. I am settled here for a few years now and not been home for more than once throughout this time. Recently, I got an invitation from my brother for his wedding. It […]

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Copping a feel – An Extra Marital Affair

I was waiting for Addy to walk out of her house. She didn’t know I was here. I had met her through my friend who had taken me to a party. Addy was his escort, from one of the top escorts, but at the end of the night, I took her home. I am a […]

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