Mutual Affair with the Would-Be Sister-In-Law

My name is Michael. A tall, blonde and muscular guy of 32 years, I have been doing well for myself in New York. I am settled here for a few years now and not been home for more than once throughout this time. Recently, I got an invitation from my brother for his wedding. It was a pleasant surprise and I was eagerly on my way home. Little did I know the trip would turn into such a lovely disaster and a mutual affair leading to sex.

They say, the heart wants what it wants. This is exactly what I felt when I first saw Lilith- my would-be sister-in-law. She was a heavenly sight for anyone. Lilith was almost 5’8” with a very proportionate and yet voluptuous body. Her jet-black hair fell to her hips and was slightly wavy. Her eyes had a shade of steel blue which was piercing and slightly intimidating. Yet when she spoke and interacted, she was the sweetest person to be around. Like any other country girl, she was rather shy and reserved. It was not a surprise hence that she maintained a very formal demeanour around me. But I was too enamoured by her beauty and personality to care. All I knew was that I wanted her and wished the feeling would be mutual. Despite knowing it would devastate my brother, I could not hold back.

I took every opportunity to be in the same room with her. She would indulge my compliments with a smile and teased me. We were bonding steadily and I could feel she was liking me enough to put down her guard. I even felt that Lilith was being cautiously flirty at times. She would smile at me in a very coy manner and would look away the next minute like nothing happened. Maybe it was imagination but it made me feel good and I was waiting for mutual affair to happen.

The opportunity came one afternoon when everyone had gone to the movies and stayed back due to some office work. Lilith was staying back because of her headache. As we sat in the living room chatting and doing our work, Lilith lied down a bit on the divan. I got up to check her temperature much to her embarrassment. She tried to brush aside my hand and blushed. As I was looking down on her, I lowered myself and kissed her lips abruptly. She sprang up and away from me to another side of the room. I was lost in words and could not explain her my reaction. But what happened next was nothing I imagined so far. As Lilith gained back her composure, she came up to me and kissed my lips. She whispered, “I know its wrong, but it feels so right, now.”

I moaned slightly and dipped my head in the hollow of her neck. As I kissed and caressed her neck, I felt my shirt slid off my shoulder to the floor. She was now working on unzipping my pant. I pulled off her dress and revealed her beautiful and curvy body. She was not wearing any bra or a panty. I looked at her in surprise. She winked, “You didn’t really think I have a headache, did you?”

I lifted her off her feet enthusiastically while kissing her and carried her off to the bedroom. I put her down on the bed and she spread open her legs, inviting me. I was surprised by her boldness- how did I even think she is shy and reserved! I had seen such kinkiness on CamBB Porn Cams with some women and loved them.

I dived on the bed and between her legs. I buried my face in her clitoris and started licking it vigorously. She moaned out loud and threw back her head. She reached out and clawed at my hair. I held on to her hips and kept licking her. Soon, she orgasmed on my face, drenching me in her juices. I could not hold back any more and swiftly stood up to insert my boner in her. She gasped as I pushed the entire length of my hard dick in one swipe. I squeezed her boobs and placed her legs on my shoulder. Then I started pounding her hard and fast. Soon she was moaning loudly and gasping as I kept going on and on. I was almost going to orgasm after 20 minutes and decided to hold back and slowed down. Her boobs had been jiggling in an inviting manner for all this time and I buried my face on one of them. I kissed and sucked on her nipples while slowly and deliberately pushing my dick in her.

She was squeezing my forearms and kissing my chest. Soon, she forced me down on the bed, and sat astride on me. She was on top with my dick inside her. As she rode my dick, her breasts jiggled and I reached out to grab them. She was going really fast and hard as she bounced on my dick and looked beautiful in this position. I was enamoured by her beauty and could feel an orgasm building up. Soon, I orgasmed hard and filled her pussy with my juices. She smiled and threw back her head in pleasure while arching her body towards me. I laid limp on the bed, while she slumped over on my chest. We lied down holding each other and panting for some time. She slowly got off me and got dressed. She looked guilty but it was a mutual affair. I held her close and assured her that I will never abandon her. But I guess the marriage is still on and she will be ending up as my sister-in-law. It was going to be a complicated relation and somehow, I did not mind that. I was too enchanted by her body, moves and beauty to care about any complication. From the looks of it, I could tell, she was feeling the same way.

We kissed once more before we went back to our rooms to pretend like nothing happened till the others came back. Our mutual affair will remain a secret, forever.

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