Witnessed Unusual Sex in Grandpa’s Bedroom

This is a story about one time when I had peaked into my grandpa’s bedroom. Call it morbid curiosity or just perversion, I was curious about how older people have sex ever since I understood sex. It was a subconscious thought that often stayed buried deep in my mind. Recently, I was back home for the spring break and my grandpa was also there. He had lost grandma a few months back. It was a tough time for him. My grandpa was 67 years old and rather fit for his age. He was a charming and jovial guy usually. But losing grandma had made him rather reserved. My sister and I did everything we could to cheer him up. But I didn’t know my grandpa is still active and I am going to witness an unusual sex.

Occasionally one of my friends would join in. Holly- she was a senior in my school and was also home for spring break and happened to be my neighbour. Holly was rather athletic and loved spending time with my grandfather. She often said that he reminded her of her grandparents who were deceased. It seemed like grandpa was enjoying her company too. Soon he was gaining his usual jovial demeanour. Often Holly would come whenever she wanted and spent time with him according to her leisure. It had become such a normal thing that no one ever bothered about it. Little did I know what was actually going on in my grandpa’s room!

It was one such day. My parents were out to their respective offices. My sister was off to school. I was playing video games in my room. It was right beside grandpa’s room. After about half an hour, I put down the headphone and decided to relax a bit when I heard a low thumping from my grandpa’s room. I was curious. This is the story about what I witnessed that day about the unusual sex.

I decided to eavesdrop before I actually barge in the room. I tried to listen through the wall and I was sure, I heard distinct moaning noises and the scraping and creaking of the wooden floor. I could barely contain my curiosity and was guessing what this was about. I still went ahead and decided to take a peek into the room.

I slowly opened the door to his room, enough to get a full view of the bed. There was my grandpa, sitting on the bed with his legs crossed. On his lap was Holly. Her legs were crossed around his waist and she was naked, except for her skirt. She was bouncing up and down on his lap and it was clear she was having sex with him. I watched as her boobs jiggled and bounced, rubbing against my grandpa’s hairy chest. I felt my dick stir in my pants and starting to grow. I felt a little guilty and embarrassed that this was turning me on. On the other side of the door, my grandpa was already sucking on her boobs and squeezing them. Holly was kissing the side of his neck and licking behind his ears. It was exactly how I have witnessed many times in mature female cams and similar places. I could not believe I was seeing the same actions live at my home but it was an unusual sex for such an old man.

Though grandpa was old but his body was sturdy for a 67-year-old. But beside Holly’s 18-year-old body, the contrast in age was becoming too prominent. Somehow the disparity seemed to turn me on even more. They were now kissing each other. I saw their tongues twist and turn around each other. Grandpa was grabbing holly by her hair now and lifted her off his dick. Then he put her down beside the bed, on her knee. Holly hoisted up her upper body and positioned herself between his legs. His boner was really thick and looked like at least 5 inches. But the girth was extraordinary. She put it in her mouth and I saw how his dick was stretching her lips in a full circle. Then she started bobbing her head up and down, giving him a blowjob. I could not resist anymore and unzipped my pant and let my boner spring out. I masturbated as I watched my grandpa gagging Holly with his dick.

Soon, Holly stood up and climbed the bed on all-fours. She was enjoying this and teased my grandpa by jiggling her butt at him. Grandpa climbed up the bed and then thrusted his dick deep inside her. He grabbed her waist firmly and started smashing his dick deep inside him repeatedly. Holly was screaming and moaning in pleasure and soon I saw her body go stiff. She arched her back while grandpa continued to push his dick in and out mercilessly. Then I saw her juices spray and explode. She was orgasming. I increased the speed of shagging my dick as I saw them make out. Grandpa was banging her really hard and fast now. It went on for another fifteen minutes when he finally slowed down and orgasmed inside her.

Once they were done, Holly sat on his lap and kissed grandpa once more. I realized, soon she will be leaving and opening this door. So, I quickly went back to my room. I closed the door to my room firmly and started shagging off really fast and hard. I could vividly picturise everything I saw today and the unusual sex was astonishing for me. I was shocked but immensely turned on. As a shagged imagining holly’s jiggling melons, I orgasmed really hard. Once I was done, I cleaned up and looked around. I could still hear my grandpa and Holly talking in the next room.

Soon, I heard the rhythmic sound of the moving bedposts. They had started once again. This time, I decided to stay in my room and help myself while I heard them moan and groan in each other’s arms. I guess my vacation would be rather colourful thanks to both of them for the unusual sex my grandpa is enjoying. I could not wait to witness them again when they are up to all these.

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