The perfect ending to an imperfect date

I am Selena- freshly graduated and trying my luck in the top news agencies of New York. It is just a couple of weeks I got recruited and finally settled in the new place. I am originally from Texas. Growing up in a small city, I never knew I could be such an exotic attraction to the men here. Ever since I moved here, I have got at least a dozen proposals to got out with from guys in my office. It was getting frustrating and just to shake off the others, I chose the hunkiest of the lot. His name is Brad. I realized on the first date that we could not be more different. But something clicked at the end and I woke up this morning on his bed. Here’s the story for you about our imperfect date.

Brad is one of the graphics guys. He is a heartthrob of the office. Almost 6’4” tall, equally burly with sandy hair and topaz eyes- he is quite cute. I did notice him the day I arrived but never dreamt he will be one of the guys asking me out. I always considered myself plain. I am 5’6” and olive toned. I am not fat but I would not claim to be toned either. But I love the perkiness of my boobs and the round butts. I know those are my assets and would often flaunt them. Yesterday’s imperfect date was no different. I got dressed in a gold tunic and black short skirt. It was loose enough to hide my heaving boobs but tight enough to give a hint at their size. The skirt hugged my ass tightly and every movement was obvious.

I reached the restaurant where Brad was waiting already. His jaws practically dropped watching me walk into the place. He was not the only one- several heads turned at my direction and followed me till I settled into the chair opposite to him. We started chatting about office which eventually turned out to be the only common thing we had. I was getting bored and kept ordering for tequila shots. He noticed it too and turned it into a tequila competition. Soon, both of us were quite groggy and dizzy. I think I had 10 shots. When we decided to go home finally, I realized I could barely stand, let alone know the direction to my house which I had not memorized well yet. Brad seemed to have noticed our lack of common grounds and teased, “Looks like death by tequila is another common thing we have.”

I had giggled like a silly school girl- not at all my style. I vaguely remember he offered to take me to his place. The next thing I remember is laying down on a bed when he toppled beside me. As I turned over to check on him, he held my waist and hugged me close and we were kissing. It felt like an eternity as well kissed on. There was not much talking between us. He was already ripping off the tunic and had grabbed my boobs, pulling it out of the bra.

He sucked hard and then bit the nipple. The alcohol had not numbed but rather heightened by sensitivity. I moaned out loud and licked behind his ear. It made him crazy and he was pulling off my skirt now. He pulled off the skirt and panty at one go and buried his face between my legs. His tongue slathered by vagina and was ravaging it. I never felt so ecstatic. He knew well what he was doing. How did I think this guy was boring? As I write it, I am getting a shiver down my spine and wet.

It did not take long and I was orgasming violently during my first imperfect date itself. I squirted and it sprayed all over his shoulders, face and chest. He moaned and grunted and climbed on top of me. His dick was dangling inches over my mouth. I got the signal and quickly gobbled it up. I started sucking him lying on my back while he balanced his body above me. He had an impressive size- almost 7 inches long and quite thick. It stretched my mouth to the fullest.

Once he was all slathered up in my saliva, he slid out the dick and went down on me again. He positions the dick near my vagina and hugged me while giving a mighty thrust and it slid inside at one go. My pussy felt so tight around it. I realized it was thicker than any dick I have had before. The experience was slightly painful but I was too drunk on alcohol and sex to care. He drove the cock in and out rapidly and I kept moaning loudly. Suddenly he had withdrawn. I was almost going to complain when he thrust it in really hard. It hit my g-spot which was already sensitive from the orgasm.

He did this a few times till I was shouting gibberish asking him to make me orgasm. I remember he laughed. He flipped me over and then pushed the dick in my pussy from behind while I was on all-fours. He grabbed my waist and mounted me with mad lust. He was going very fast and hard. I could feel another orgasm building up. After a couple more minutes, he stopped after driving his dick deep inside. He was orgasming. I could feel the warm seeds spilling inside my vagina. I could not resist any more and had orgasmed again. I do not remember much about what we did after stopping.

As I looked beside me, I saw he was still asleep. I looked down on my body and saw myself naked. All my clothes were strewn around the room. But I felt content and happy though it was short-lived. I noticed the pool of our dried-up juices between my legs. Groaning internally, I tip toed off the bed, getting dressed and ready to get a pill first thing after I step out of the house. The imperfect date turned out to be one of the most satiating sex I ever had.

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