Turned on by Yoga Instructor who Pushed me to Orgasm

I was on the chubbier side so I had decided to tone up my body. My huge boobs would sway every way when I ran or jumped so I chose to start yoga. Brandon was the best in our locality so I just signed up with him. He would come home and provide private sessions for an additional fee and I was ok with it. This was my first day and I was waiting for him to show. Little did I know that in the first session I will get turned on so badly by my yoga instructor.

My spandex pants were a bit tight so I skipped panties for comfort and then he arrived. Looking so lean and fit, Brandon walked in full of swagger. He had the yoga mat in his hand and such tight buttocks. He greeted me with a smile and we started our session. He was helping me stretch and explaining how each part works. He was touching my ribs but my boobs came in the way and he continued to touch and tell me. I thought it was weird but my boobs would often get in the way.

As we continued stretching, he kept touching me and explaining what was happening with my body with each movement. At one moment he also touched my crotch and almost rubbed it. But his expression was so serious that I thought I was imagining it as inappropriate. And now I could feel myself getting turned on and wet too. It seems he saw my pants getting stained with wetness because he smiled so big.

During one stretch I tore my pants because they were tight. I was so mortified, but Brandon made me continue. He was caressing my naked flesh where the pants had torn. It was gentle, but persistent. “What are you doing?” I gathered courage and asked. “Why? Don’t you like it? I like your body, totally my type,” he said and left the sentence unfinished. I was thinking what I wanted when I felt him part my folds and rub my clit. God, he knew what he was doing and now I wanted him to touch me. I was feeling like the girls with big tits on onlyfans who surrender themselves completely.

So, I parted my legs, shook my butt to attract his attention and give him my approval. “Yes, or no?” he asked and I replied with a Yes!  He rubbed my clit harder and moved his finger around my vulva. The whole region itched, craving his touch. His fingers were rough and when he touched my clit I felt as if he was satiating a long-lasting itch. “Ooohhh yes touch me there,” I blurted as he pressed down on my clit and then rubbed it with the pressure. He laughed and I could feel his warm breath near my vagina and I shivered.

I bent down and saw him kneeling behind me. Right then I felt his wet tongue over my vaginal opening. He was taking his time and licking the whole area as he continued to play with my clit. He was twisting the nub, playing with it, while licking my pussy hole. This was so hot and I pushed back my ass for more. He slapped my butt making it jiggle – I could feel it. His tongue was wet and abrasive over my sensitive folds. He was constantly licking it, sucking on areas and making my toes curl.

Then I felt something penetrate my pussy, parting my folds, moving through my channel. I groaned in pain and he stopped, pulling out his finger. He made me lie down on his yoga mat and tore up my pants completely, discarding the material. Then, he also opened up my sports bra revealing my breasts. His eyes went round, “Oooohh,” he said and dove in. He held both boobs tightly and pressed them together. He grinned as they plumped and engorged in his palms. He twisted and twirled my nipples, watching them with hunger.

He licked one nipple and then latched on to it. He sucked gently as he dries humped on my belly. He pulled down his pants and I felt his penis move over my folds. The head felt large as it was continuously bumping against my clitoris. I tried to touch it and really its girth was huge. He began rubbing himself over me and I was getting wetter.

He got up on his knees and pulled me closer to his pelvis and penetrated my channel. The thick dick felt like it had split me. But I was loving the full feeling. I wanted him to move, fuck me in earnest. ‘Move, move,” I urged him because I was completely turned on.

He moved finally and each stroke was impaling my soft channel again and again. I could hear the squish of the wetness as he fucked and moved his long dick in my pussy. I felt good with his cock doing dirty things to me. I spread my legs and held on to his buttocks, pulling him in, not letting him go. I squeezed his cock and felt him pulse. He lay over me and I felt his hard body’s weight. He was a boob man I could tell. Because he just shoved his face into my chest and moved it around. He licked every inch crazily and bit me there as well. He was sucking my nipples and slowly moved in and out of my body. The fat cock was pleasuring me slowly.

Then he got back up and made me get on my knees too. He grabbed my boobs again, impaling me from behind. He was squeezing my boobs so hard that I was sure I would have marks. He pinched my nipple and his pace of fucking increased. He was going wild and I watch his face twist in pleasure. He slapped my butt twice and pinched it. Now he almost wrung my boobs and I shouted in pain. He came close to my back, still fucking and he roughly rubbed my clit again. I shot off, cumming around his cock. “Aaaaahhhhhhhh!” I heard him exclaim. I felt his semen coat my pussy walls and he slumped over me.

Brandon fucked well and completely. He didn’t leave me after that session. He fucked me again in a few hours and two weeks later he still came over. Either he was sucking my nipples or licking my cunt, he enjoyed it all and turned me on every time he came.

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