Fucked my mature dance teacher against the window

I had a mature dance teacher who was guiding me on the basics in ballroom dancing. I was preparing to take my mom to a dance and wanted to learn a few steps. The teacher was also my neighbour and I would drop by at her house in the evening for lessons. This is my real story and revolves around dance, passion and sex. I fucked my mature dance teacher and seduced her. One evening we had a hot roll in the hay.

It was a normal day and I was learning the steps and practising with her. She was looking extremely hot in a red velvet dress and a deep neckline. I knew I wanted to touch the boobies and play with them. My eyes were glued to her chest and she noticed it multiple times. Once she whacked my bottom to stop me from staring. But I found that gesture too sexual. The lesson was over in a few minutes and I walked out the door, but I wanted to try if I could get some action. So, I went back in

She opened the door and asked what was wrong. I just pushed her against the wall and very slowly put my lips to hers. I wanted to give her a chance to stop me if she wanted to but she didn’t. I hungrily took up her lips and kissed her hard. They were soft and pillowy and I licked the seams. She opened up and I found her tongue, kissing and sucking on it.

“Do you want to touch them?” she asked and gestured at her rack. I grinned and pressed them together, weighing them and then finding the nipples through her dress. “I want to see them more clearly,” I said and she dragged me to her bedroom. I crashed on top of her on the bed and kissed her boobs.  I pressed them and plucked at her nipples. She moaned. I tore open her dress to reveal a bra that barely covered her mounds. This mature teacher had big boobs. Every time she moved, they jiggled and shook, drawing one’s attention there. I pressed them and rubbed my clothed penis against her panty covered pubis.

I removed the bra cup and saw pink, large nipples pointing towards me. I grabbed her soft breasts and pressed them hard, plumping them. I sucked on them and tried to chew, but she shrieked and pulled me away. I laughed and put my fingers inside her panties to find her quite wet. I rubbed her clitoris and then pushed my fingers inside her slippery cunt. I rubbed her cunt and could feel her squeezing my fingers. I could smell her arousal on my hands.

Then I pulled down her panties and sucked on her clit. She thrashed around moaned very loudly.  I sucked and lightly bit on her clit. “Ahhh!” she screamed but didn’t stop me. I smiled and then laved her swollen clit. She calmed down and I pushed my tongue in her cunt, making her gasp. I licked her there thoroughly and then withdrew. My cock wanted attention.

I undressed and released my cock which sprung up immediately. She immediately went on her knees and bent to grip my cock with both hands. I watched as she sucked on the head and then took it fully into her warm mouth. She seemed to have some experience with it and expertly rubbed my full dick and massaged my balls. She was sucking me hard and I could feel pleasure, but I wanted her cunt. Maybe I could get the full blowjob another time. So, I stopped her.

“I want to fuck your cunt now,” I said. She lay back down and spread her legs showing her pink pussy. I was turgid and so ready. I pushed in in one go, making her moan. Her pussy held on to me, covering me in warmth. I was going to enjoy this and maybe come for seconds and thirds. I began pumping in and out of her vagina and as she played with her nipples. I slapped her clit and drew a shriek. She deliberately squeezed my cock and I was just about to release. I started fucking her harder, shaking the bed and spearing her cunt. I fucked my mature dance teacher real hard.

I lifted her legs and put them on shoulders creating a tighter pussy hole. Then I began the fucking again and loved it as her walls closed around my hard cock. I was being massaged and pressed by her pussy in so many ways. I pulled out and tried to push into her ass but she screamed. So, I went back inside her pussy.

Then I put her on her knees to fuck doggy style. Her vagina was still slippery and I was fucking her cunt again harder. My balls slapped against her naked body. I bent forward and roughly ribbed her vulva and clit. She moaned loudly and squirted in orgasm. That was so hot that I could control and spurt the semen in her pussy.

I collapsed on her and kept my dick inside her for a while. Then I cleaned up and left. A few days later I received a note asking if I wanted to satisfy her again. And from then on, she has been my bootycall or sexbuddy. That’s how I fucked my mature dance teacher and now we are sex buddies.

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