Aroused by the masseuse when he touched my holes

I was having body aches and wanted a good massage to release the stress I had been feeling. I wasn’t happy with my boyfriend either as he wasn’t paying enough attention to my body. He would be away working and I was so tired of waiting for him to come to me and make feel good. My pussy was aching for a cock and I didn’t want to wait any longer. So, I complained to him and what did he do? He got me a coupon for a massage parlour. To teach him a lesson I made use of it and that’s where I got aroused by the masseuse.

I arrived at the spa and quickly undressed in the massage room. I didn’t want to wait. Then a very hot masseuse entered with a few hot towels and bottles of oil. I was waiting in anticipation if he would touch me and when smiled at me, I knew what it would be like.  I was lying on my stomach and my ass was covered. He asked me where it hurt and I pointed to my cunt and spread my legs.

He grinned and poured some oil over my back. His large warm hands engulfed my back and began massaging the oil into the skin. It felt good. Although the muscles were still pulled taut, I began relaxing a bit. The shoulders were rubbed and knots were pulled and I began to relax. Then he poured some more oil on the legs and feet.

His ministrations were firm and strong and yet so relaxing. He pressed my calf muscles and rubbed my feet and soon I was dozing off. Then his hands reached my butt and he didn’t hesitate before taking off the towel and rubbing my ass. He was pressing and kneading the globes and I couldn’t help but moan, “Unnhh, unhh.” I spread my legs further and began wiggling so his fingers brushed my pussy. I was already aroused by the masseuse.

And soon they did. His oily, slippery fingers brushed against my pussy and then deliberately pinched my clit. I jumped in shock and he laughed continuing. Hi slick hands parted my folds and began rubbing my pussy. He was plucking at my clit now and making me so wet. “More baby more,” I cooed and wiggled my ass. He slapped my bum and pushed two fingers inside my pussy. I clenched around him as I felt his thick fingers rubbing my cunt.

He then took some oil and added it to my anus. It felt so good, “Mmmmmmmm.” I was just making dirty noises and encouraging him to fuck my holes. He began rubbing my asshole and slightly dipped his fingers in me. Then he pushed two fingers inside my cunt again and began finger fucking me. I played with my clit as he touched my g-spot. “Ahh! Ahh!” I screamed and came at his hands.

Then he forcefully turned me around and slapped my clit. “Oooohhh!” I moan and he slaps me again. Then he gets over me and pulls out his cock. He is thick and long and as he bends to suck on my boobs, the member prods me at my entrance.

He then puts me on my knees and says, “I am going to take your ass!” Before I can respond, he pushes his oily finger in my asshole. Then he pulls out and slowly pushes in his cock which is now covered in oil. Slowly he enters and I feel pain and pleasure at once. Once he is in, he slightly pulls out and pushed in again. I began to move with him and he fucks me harder. Then I feel something else in my pussy and I realise the dirty boy has shoved an oil bottle in my pussy. Then the fucking begins and he also moves the bottle to match his cock fucks.

He slaps my ass and I come hard, squirting liquid all over. That was the first time I met Mateo, but not last as I kept meeting him for more fucks. Every time I meet Mateo I get aroused by the masseuse and I love it.

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