Sex with a 40 year old woman at a beach house

I was visiting Hamptons for the summer break. All my friends from the city were also there. I was single that break and thus, I was mostly spending time reading and painting. I was taking a break from all the parties. However, my friend Serena forced me to one of the parties that was happening near the beach. Even she was single and so, she wanted me to go as her date. But, the story is not about my friend but had sex with a 40 year old woman whom I met there.

I could not deny when she asked me to join her. The theme was white and thus, I put on my linen shirt and hoped to meet someone interesting. The party was filled with the usual crowd from the city. Serena asked me to stop being a whiny and told me to pretend to be someone else.

I like the idea and so, I went around the party. I saw a women at the pool side. She must be in her forties but, she was gorgeous and hot. She was wearing a figure hugging red dress with low neck. Her body was in the perfect shape and she had long hair. I was instantly attracted towards her even though she was mature. However, I was just 22 but, there was something about her.

I went and introduced myself to her. I also pretended that I was the host of the party. She spoke in a British accent and she also seemed interested in me. She asked me to show the master bedroom of the beach house. I did not know a thing but, it was fun to pretend and take her for a tour.

We arrived in some room and I told her that this was the master bedroom. She suddenly locked the room. I was so in to her that I went parted her folds. She was smiling at me. I found her pussy. It was wet and so, I massaged her clit. Her breathing increased.

She suddenly sat on the bed and spread her legs. Her thighs were completely toned. I could tell that she used to workout. I smiled and went down on my knees. I removed her panties and started licking her clit. I penetrated the pussy with my tongue and started licking harder. She was gasping with pleasure.

Then, she lay on her back while I was still sucking her pussy. I could not help but notice her breasts. I could see her tits pointing out. I reached one of her boobs and started pressing it. She thrashed at my hand as I did it with force. I worked my way up to her boobs. I unzipped her dress only to find that she was not wearing any bra.

This aroused me even more. I started playing and teasing her boobs. I also bit her nipples. Her breasts were the perfect size. They were round and perky. I was literally in love with them. While I was playing with them, she grabbed me and kissed me.

After the kiss, I asked her for a condom. I forgot carrying one. She opened the drawer and took out one. In the process, I forgot that I had told her I was hosting the party. I was a little confused as she opened the drawer but, I took the condom. She was smiling at me.

I wore it and spread her legs even more. She was tight and wet at the same time. I came out and pushed in several times. I was just trying to thump and form up a smooth rhythm. I was feeling her and fucking her at the same time. She was continuously moaning with pleasure and pain. I could say that she was enjoying it completely.

I groped her ass while pounding. I also lifted her body a bit and continued fucking her like an animal. I increased the speed and I could say that she was savouring every piece of me. She moaned loudly while scratching my back. I was enjoying every minute of this party.

I continued fucking her. I again pinched her nipples and she came. After her, I came as well. It was a hot encounter. I was amazed at her stamina. Although, I was curious to ask her about the condom and she laughed and said that it was her beach house. The experience of having sex with a 40 year old woman was mind blowing and I cherish those moments always.

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